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Emergency Kit for Lightworkers

Though safe travel involves careful planning, little things may come up that require your attention. As a Lightworker – energy healer – you’re already utilizing your gifts and talents to clear space, keep yourself grounded and protected in large groups, and ensure a restful sleep in a strange environment, right? However, if you want to select a few extra tools for your basic emergency kit, I’d like to suggest these as wonderful options to support you and your family as you travel.

Lightworker Care For Pets:

Essential oils* (see below) are a natural option to help in many situations that come up while on vacation.

  • To help protect from fleas and ticks I used Purification on Gracie before going outside in the tall grasses of Central Oregon. Rub one or two drops into your palms and apply by rubbing all over legs, neck, tail, belly, and back. If you have single essential oils, try Tea tree, citronella, or lavender. If a bite or wound does occur, lavender can be applied directly to the skin.
  • Lemon essential oil came in handy when Gracie sat in pine pitch. Instead of cutting away her beautiful fur, or pulling out the pine needles, I applied lemon essential oil directly to the pine pitch and rubbed her fur gently until the pitch was dissolved and her fur was clean.
  • Over-doing the exercise? Muscle aches and joint discomfort can be alleviated with a mix of Raindrop essential oils. (This is a great opportunity to combine your energy healing work – Reiki – with essential oils). Use your customized Raindrop mix along the spine. Also try PanAway directly to sore areas, for example shoulders, and add Copaiba essential oil (high in beta-caryophyllene which is a CBD – cannabinoid compound naturally found in the copaiba tree resin). Copaiba essential oil from Young Living is more than 50% β-caryophyllene.

Tuning forks (sound healing) are surprisingly easy to include in your Lightworker’s emergency kit. I selected these tuning forks and had the occasion to use them several times:

  • OM tuners – after activating the fork, use the stem to apply to trigger points or sore areas. The vibration of OM travels deep into the body, bringing nitric oxide produced by the cells into the bloodstream. (learn more about nitric oxide from my previous article) I used two OM tuners on Bruno, my son’s dog after he had a vigorous time chasing the ball. Oils are applied first along the spine and sore areas. Then use the OM tuners in the same areas.
  • Crystal tuner – with a vibration of 4096 Hz, this small friend to Lightworkers has many uses. Since animals may be sensitive to sound, it’s likely your animal is also sensitive to the energies of previous inhabitants. Use the crystal tuner gently in spaces around the accommodations to clear unwanted energies. Energize food and water by tapping the crystal tuner to a quartz crystal, and sounding over your meal.

Lightworker Care For People:

Of course, all of the above mentioned essential oils and techniques can be used for humans. In addition, see how I enhanced my experiences on vacation. Essential oils are a favorite tool for me. Here are a few ideas for you to include in your energy self-care:

  • Vetiver essential oil is great as a scent and for feeling grounded in large crowds. It’s very thick, loaded with sesquiterpenes that last a long time in your body.
  • Anoint your feet with a drop of ImmuPower blend or frankincense mixed with a dab of shea butter or your favorite lotion. I love ImmuPower essential oil. It feels like the Divine in a bottle to me. While you’re anointing your feet, take the opportunity to state your intentions for the day.
  • Sunburn heals faster when properly cared for. Avoid ingesting citrus essential oils before exposure to sun. Sun exposure that leads to reddened skin can be soothed by lavender and myrrh essential oil mixed with an oil carrier high in antioxidants such as rosehip oil or marula oil. Add a dab of deep penetrating face cream with hyaluronic acid as an assistant to skin care healing. Always avoid additives that aren’t natural (like propylene glycol).
  • Stay clean when using public restrooms. Use a drop of Thieves essential oil to help sanitize, or make a spritzer with water and Thieves oil blend. Have a bottle in the car for easy access while traveling.
  • Sleep easier in a strange environment with your custom blend of essential oils. Try lavender, valerian, frankincense, Ruta, vetiver, and the flower of your choice (geranium, rose, chamomile,  or ylang ylang). Diffuse in the air, spritz, or apply to your feet for easy sleep and renewal.

Self-care may be one of the most important components of your Lightworker’s Emergency kit. Be sure to take time daily for meditative moments, and connecting to nature. If you need more ideas or would like to order products, please ask! I’d love to hear from you.

Rosemary Levesque, D.D.Contact

*The essential oils I use are from Young Living since I trust their quality and Seed to Seal guarantee. If you would like more information or to order a Premium Starter Kit please visit my website.


During a recent Reiki class here at my healing center in Portland, we prepared for the weekend as we always do – setting an intention for self and others – then drawing a card from a well-loved deck of oracle cards. One card that came up was called Purification, and the messages it brought seemed to ring true for not only the student who chose it, but for everyone throughout the weekend. Why might that happen? Is there some significance about purification that matters enough to keep “speaking” to us over the course of two days?

Purification is defined as the removal of something (a toxin, an element, an entity, for example) from a person’s physical body, the environment, or from any substance to contain compounds or constituents that are not a part of the WHOLE. Spiritually speaking, purification may involve releasing more than removing. The difference comes from self-instituted intentions for empowerment. What needs cleansing?


Just as with healing, the first part of cleansing always begins with SELF. What would you cleanse for yourself? We care for the physical body with daily washing – showering, hand washing, etc. – on the outside. However, cleansing on the inside is of utmost importance. Consider foods, choosing raw and unprocessed as much as possible over processed. Consider personal care products, choosing clean and natural over synthetic ones filled with chemical additives. Consider filtered water over tap or bottled water. Consider antioxidants and natural supplements (minerals, herbs, zeolite) over sugars and hydrogenated fats.


Your personal space should be considered next in the purification process. What have you accumulated as “stuff” over the years that no longer serve you? What’s in your space that really isn’t yours? Do you have a process in place that ensures optimal support for your clean, pure self? Consider the chemicals you choose for cleaning in your home. Are they natural essential oils or synthetic chemicals and toxic poisons? Are you using plastic containers, a microwave oven, non-stick cookware with PFOAs? Having a clean, toxin-free environment is part of the purification process. However, also consider sound, light, and people as part of the environment. How can you improve and purify in these areas?


As a part of Reiki training, I offers several methods of purification to assist in holding the energy for safe and sacred space, and to help clear unwanted energies from the etheric field as well as from our sacred spaces. Intention is a powerful tool to use for purification. Formulate how you would intend for your space to be clear of unwanted energies. Design a statement that represents what you really want. If this seems daunting, confusing, or overwhelming, start with a simple awareness of how you feel in any particular space or situation. Notice how you’d prefer to feel and go with words that support that feeling. For example, you might use words like, “I feel safe.”

Purification Tools

I’ve made a short list here of tools you can use for cleansing. Remember that these tools are intended more for empowerment as you go through the process of purification. They help you release, letting go of energies that no longer support your purity, wholeness, and manifestation of the highest expression of yourself.

Essential Oils

Plant medicine may be the easiest to use and the easiest to obtain. Use plants in their “original” form as leaves, roots, stems, and flowers. However, using pure therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living may be even more potent (and more valuable) for your needs. Whether in meditation, ceremony, or cleansing your environment, these essential oils work magically to bring about a feeling of wholeness and purity. Here are a few I like for sacred ceremony and purification. Use them in a diffuser, spritzer, or apply a drop directly to hands, gently rub in and inhale.





Sound Vibrations

Sound frequencies, whether using your own voice (as in chanting, singing, or toning) or selecting an instrument of sound such as a tuning fork or drum, provide many benefits for purification. Try, for example, a higher frequency of 4096 Hz to call in the angelic realm, or the frequency of OM to feel more grounded and connected to earth energy.

tuning forks


  • Angel – 4096 Hz
  • OM – 136.1 Hz
  • Solfeggio 528 – Magic and Transformation
  • Chanting, toning
  • Drum
  • Rattle


Let me know if you have any questions. I’d love to hear from you. Contact Rosemary.


Frankincense for Dogs With Cancer

essential oils for animalsEssential oils have been an integral part of my Reiki healing clinic for several years. I consider their energy and aroma extremely valuable for all aspects of the services I provide – for trauma release, physical and emotional relief, spiritual enhancement, and revitalizing abilities, I love how essential oils fit into natural healing work. My clients and students feel supported, and the work we do seems to be more effective.

Not long after I began using essential oils for my human clients did I investigate the possibility and efficacy of essential oils for my animal clients. Careful consideration was given to the quality of essential oils, and I chose a specific company to support my work in the best possible way. It matters to the animals!

Great care must be taken not to make medical claims, so my research led me to specific studies involving human cancer since fewer studies with essential oils are done with animals. In one study, frankincense from Boswelia carteri was used for human bladder cancer to see if it would be effective as an anti-tumor agent. The results were quite promising.

“Frankincense oil appears to distinguish cancerous from normal bladder cells and suppress cancer cell viability. Microarray and bioinformatics analysis proposed multiple pathways that can be activated by frankincense oil to induce bladder cancer cell death. Frankincense oil might represent an alternative intravesical agent for bladder cancer treatment.” (1)

Frankincense for Dogs with Cancer

Backed by research and ready to offer support to my animal clients, dogs with cancer, I added frankincense essential oil from Boswelia carteri to my list of effective natural solutions. I have found that specific essential oils help with immune support, digestion, emotional support, and many other types of support for health and recovery.

There are several considerations to be made before using frankincense for your dog:

  1. age and size of your dog
  2. overall health and current diagnosis, if any
  3. current diet
  4. quality and purity of the frankincense (I use only the ones I trust to be the best)
  5. dosage and frequency specific for your animal
  6. combination with other treatments
  7. integration with other essential oils
  8. method of delivery
  9. your holistic approach and attitude

Click the link for more information and to Order Frankincense.

 Wellness Scan and Reiki

Work with your vet to have the support a veterinarian offers – lab tests, ultra sound, x-rays, etc. Gather as much information as possible. However, remember to also include a more complete aspect of healing with an intuitive assessment and Reiki. Learn more  about Animal Healing or contact me for a free consultation.

(1) Frankincense Oil Derived From Boswellia carteri Induces Tumor Cell Specific Cytotoxicity
Mark Barton Frank, Qing Yang, Jeanette Osban, Joseph T Azzarello, Marcia R Saban, Ricardo Saban, Richard A Ashley, Jan C Welter, Kar-Ming Fung, and Hsueh-Kung Lin





Newsletter August 2016

Article – The Root of Healing

Do you have questions? Call me! I can’t wait to hear from you.

Your Journey Begins Here

Our first series of Universal Shamanism is expanding.
Are you ready to experience these amazing workshops?
We have new classes on the calendar.
There’s still time to register!
Shamanic Apprentice Classes 1 & 2 – AUGUST 28
Shamanic Apprentice Classes 3 & 4 – SEPTEMBER 11
Shamanic Apprentice 5 – SEPTEMBER 24
click the links to learn more
(Note, no Reiki circle after Sacred Ceremony on September 24.)
Reiki circle starts at 3:15 on both class days, August 28 and September 11. RSVP
Free Reiki Circle for students as a part of their Reiki class initiations.
Guests $20.
Reiki II Integrative Enrichment class, AUGUST
Reiki I Integrative Enrichment class Saturday, SEPTEMBER 10
Article – Grounding to Heal
Remember how it feels to be secure, grounded and protected? Maybe this is a feeling you
have every day . . . or not.
 If you can recall this feeling, you are “grounded”. But in today’s world, when things are more hectic, and we seem to be more attached to electronic devices, it may be more difficult to feel grounded. Why is grounding important? Read more about Grounding to Heal.When you’re working with essential oils and want to add the intention of becoming more grounded, look to
the oils that actually come from the roots of the plant! That’s right, roots can help you become grounded. Pictured above is ginger root that I have resting in purified, living water. I’ll keep you posted on any sprouts that develop!
 I’ve selected a couple of essential oils that can help you feel more grounded. One is a root – ginger root. The other is a blend called Grounding.


Ginger root is widely used in flavoring foods and beverages, and is great in tea to aid in digestion. Did you also know that it has a warm feel to the skin? Try ginger
essential oil added to a carrier oil for massage – especially on sore muscles and joints.
Inhale deeply and feel revitalized.
Meditate with ginger essential oil to help feel more grounded.


Grounding essential oil blend is a wonderful way to utilize the energy of roots, flowers and bark to help you feel more grounded. With trees like fir, spruce, pine and cedar,
you’ll instantly feel connected to the forest. The sweetness of a few flowers helps remind you of the joy in life.

refer a frien


Animal Healing Stories
animal healing and soul connections


No one likes a serious diagnosis, and sometimes what you need to bring about healing isn’t in the vet’s toolkit.
Such was the case with a Golden Retriever with severe allergies, hair loss, ear infections, and misery. Antibiotics and medications weren’t working. What did work was his human mom’s commitment to natural healing. Once she started on the path we recommended, his recovery was almost instantly noticeable – no more itching, rolling, anxiety, or fur loss. Infections cleared up and healed over in a few days. His mom understands the value of
natural healing and is a true believer!
Find out what natural healing might look like for you and your beloved furry family member. I’ve put together a healing package that includes Reiki and animal communication, along with guidance through the entire process. Learn more about Animal Healing and Soul Connections.
Free Consultation
Call me for a free consultation to see if a series of Integrative Healing sessions, private mentoring, and follow-up is part of your path.





Edible Vital Essential Oils

supplementvitalityNew from Young Living

Did you know that many essential oils may be used as seasoning or flavoring in your favorite foods? Did you also know that some essential oils make the perfect dietary supplements? Yes, many essential oils and blends are perfect to eat or drink!

Introducing Young Living’s new Vitality™ series of essential oils. You might already have them in your essential oil collection.

“We’re excited to introduce Vitality™ dietary essential oils, our brand-new line that gives you a new way to discover the versatility of our pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils! Perfect for adding flavor to your favorite foods or using as dietary supplements, the Vitality dietary essential oil line gives you the freedom to share and explore some of our best-loved essential oils in a variety of nutritious and delicious ways.”

Four Distinct Categories

Edible, vital essential oils may be enjoyed with the new, four distinct categories—Herb, Spice, Citrus, and Supplement—we invite you to explore Vitality™ dietary essential oils.

I’ve included links to all of the standard essential oils in the series below. Many of these essential oils are available in the larger 15 ml size and are more economical if you intend to use them more frequently. Don’t worry. These essential oils last a long time. When properly stored away from heat and light, they have an indefinite shelf-life.

Spice or Herb?

You can usually know based if the oil you choose is a spice or an herb based on where it comes from:  Spices are typically buds, seeds, and roots, while herbs comes from the leaves of the plant.

Herb Dietary Series

Basil Vitality | Lemongrass Vitality | Oregano Vitality | Rosemary Vitality | Thyme Vitality | Lavender Vitality | Peppermint Vitality | Spearmint Vitality

Featured Herb Essential Oil

Carrot Seed Essential Oil

carrot seedCarrot Seed (Daucus carota sativa) Vitality™ essential oil is distilled from the seeds and aerial parts of wild carrots. Carrot Seed Vitality oil provides an herbaceous, floral note to foods, making it a great addition to savory dishes. Its complex flavor brings an earthy, delicious taste to your favorite recipes.

With many of the same constituents as the carrots from which it’s derived, Carrot Seed Vitality oil’s benefits may include supporting health and well-being.* Be sure to include a drop of Carrot Seed Vitality oil as part of your daily wellness regimen to enjoy all of its great properties.

Carrot Seed Vitality Essential Oils Uses:
•    Add 1-2 drops to a vegetarian gel capsule and take daily as a dietary supplement to support your well-being.*
•    Add a drop to roasted vegetables for an extra earthy flavor.
•    Use a few drops of Carrot Seed Vitality to salad dressings to infuse fresh greens with its rich taste.
•   Give quinoa or wild rice a new dimension of flavor by including Carrot Seed Vitality.
How to use: Put 4 drops in a capsule. Take 3 times daily.

Dill Essential Oil

dillDill Vitality™ essential oil provides a fresh, pungent flavor to replace fresh or dried dill in dressings and dips. Its flavor also pairs beautifully with Carrot Seed Vitality and Lemon Vitality as a flavorful ingredient for soups and stews. With fresh dill being a key flavor in many traditional Russian, European, Mediterranean, Asian, and Scandinavian dishes, Dill Vitality can be a great way to lend a rich flavor to a wide variety of cuisines!

Dill Vitality Essential Oil Uses:
•    Add 1-2 drops of Dill Vitality to a vegetarian gel capsule and take as a dietary supplement as needed.
•    Combine Dill Vitality essential oil with olive oil to use as a marinade for fish and veggies.
•    Add a little Dill Vitality oil to your favorite game-day dip for a burst of flavor.
How to use: Dilute 1 drop with 1 drop of carrier oil. Put in a capsule and take up to 3 times daily.

Spice Dietary Series

Black Pepper Vitality | Cinnamon Bark Vitality | Clove Vitality | Ginger Vitality | Carrot Seed Vitality | Celery Seed Vitality | Dill Vitality

Featured Spice Essential Oils

Black Pepper Essential Oil

black pepperBlack pepper is one of the most popular spices in the world, and the most potent flavoring of the peppercorn family.  Its distinctive flavor makes it a common addition many recipes, from appetizers to entrees. Use Young Living’s Black Pepper Vitality essential oil to spice up your favorite soup, rub, or marinade recipes. Black Pepper Vitality oil can replace ground black pepper.  Add this cherished seasoning to your kitchen with a convenient bottle of Black Pepper essential oil.

•    Add 1-2 drops of Black Pepper Vitality and 2 drops of V-6™ Vegetable Oil complex to a vegetarian gel capsule and take daily as a dietary supplement or as needed.
•    Use in marinades and rubs for pork, beef, poultry, or seafood, or add to roasted vegetables or homemade salad dressings.
•    Add to a salsa fresca or guacamole for a quick way to spice up Mexican favorites.
•    Use to flavor pasta, rice, mashed potatoes, and deli salads.
How to use: Dilute 1 drop with 1 drop of carrier oil. Put in a capsule and take up to 3 times daily.

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

cinnamon barkCinnamon Bark (Cinnamomum verum) Vitality™ essential oil is a concentrated and potent flavor that complements a variety of classic culinary treats. Not only is Cinnamon Bark Vitality oil used for its unique and spicy notes in recipes, but it’s also a great dietary supplement and important part of Thieves®, Abundance™, and Inner Defense® essential oil blends.

Using Cinnamon Vitality oil brings a warm taste and sensation to your favorite dishes. Taking Cinnamon Bark Vitality essential oil as a dietary supplement can support healthy digestion and help maintain a healthy immune system.*

Cinnamon Bark Vitality Essential Oil Uses:
•  Dilute 1-2 drops with V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex in a vegetarian gel capsule and take as a dietary supplement to support your regular digestion.*
•  Turn your NingXia Red® shot into a “Hot Shot” by adding a drop or two of Cinnamon Bark Vitality.
•  Take a banana smoothie to a sweet new level with a drop of Cinnamon Bark Vitality.
•  Use a drop to spice up your hot cereal.
•  Substitute Cinnamon Bark Vitality in any recipe that calls for ground cinnamon

How to use: Dilute 1 drop with 4 drops of carrier oil. Put in a capsule and take 1 daily.

Clove Essential Oil

cloveClove (Syzygium aromaticum) Vitality™ essential oil is the concentrated distillation of the same distinct, spicy cloves that have been used in kitchens for thousands of years. Perfect for adding flavor to both sweet and savory dishes, Clove Vitality oil includes the naturally occurring constituent eugenol and is beloved for its use as a dietary supplement.

When taken as a supplement, Clove Vitality essential oil promotes a healthy immune response* and may support overall wellness*, making it an important part of our Thieves®, ImmuPower™, Inner Defense™, and Longevity™ formulas.*

Clove Vitality Essential Oils Uses:
•    Support your healthy immune system* every day or as needed by adding a drop of Clove Vitality to a vegetarian capsule and taking as a daily dietary supplement.
•    Substitute Clove Vitality for the ground spice in recipes.
•    Bring gingerbread, molasses cookies, and spice cake to life by adding a drop to the batter.
•    Combine Clove Vitality with the Vitality oils Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, and Nutmeg in homemade cider or wassail recipes.
•    Try adding a drop of Clove Vitality to a warm bowl of oatmeal for a tasty, comforting start to your day
How to use: Dilute 1 drop with 1 drop of carrier oil. Put in a capsule and take up to 3 times daily.

Citrus Dietary Series

Bergamot Vitality | Citrus Fresh™ Vitality | Grapefruit Vitality | Jade Lemon™ Vitality | Lemon Vitality | Lime Vitality | Orange Vitality | Tangerine Vitality

Supplement Dietary Series

DiGize™ Vitality | EndoFlex™ Vitality | Frankincense Vitality | Thieves® Vitality

Login to your Young Living member site or visit my website for more information on each essential oil.

Please note, the new Vitality series essential oils are all available in the 5 ml size bottle. Each of these essential oils may also be purchased through the standard catalog, without special labeling as Vitality series oils. Some of the standard oils come in the 15 ml size – a savings to you!

Delicious Extras

One more thought on edible essential oils – many of the oils not listed in the Vitality series are also edible:






Taste of Italy

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

7 Perfect Essential Oils for All Day Long

How do you start and end your day? Are your days filled with productivity, vitality, clarity, and empowerment? If not, you may want to try a few essential oils to enhance your moments throughout the day. * Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Valor essential oil blend with spruce, blue tansy, and frankincense essential oils – the perfect blend to start and end any day. Apply Valor to the bottom of your feet and back of your neck to feel nerves and energy come into alignment.

2. Lemon essential oil – apply 1-2 drops under your tongue. Follow up with a glass of purified water. Lemon is uplifting and filled with antioxidants, perfect for starting your day.

3. Rosemary essential oil – apply one drop to your palm and rub palms together, gently moving palms in a clockwise, circular motion. In hale the aroma deeply, and apply oil from your palms to the back of your neck. Rosemary helps stimulate memory and improve breathing.

4. Peppermint essential oil – inhale peppermint directly from the bottle. Close one nostril and inhale deeply. Then close the other nostril and inhale deeply again. This method helps bring the benefits of peppermint to both sides of your brain more efficiently. Peppermint helps improve mental clarity, alertness, and memory.

5. Ocotea – a favorite oil of the cinnamon family, ocotea can help balance blood sugar levels. Try ocotea in water or tea after a meal. Ocotea may also be applied topically in the middle of the back (at the location of the adrenal glands) and under your left arm at about the “bra line” which is the approximate location of the pancreas. Use a tapping technique (lightly tap with fingertips) when applying this essential oil to stimulate the flow of energy to the area.

6. Stress Away essential oil blend – this blend contains Copaiba (Copaifera reticulata), Lime (Citrus aurantifolia), Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica), Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia), Ocotea (Ocotea quixos), Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia). Use Stress Away in the middle of the afternoon. Just inhale deeply, and apply to palms and neck, as well as on your back at the adrenals. The effect can be both soothing and uplifting.

7. Lavender and orange essential oils – these two essential oils, applied together, serve to relax and soothe, as well as bathe your mind and heart in acceptance and love. It’s the perfect way to end your day. Apply to palms and neck. Inhale deeply. Diffuse into the air, and sleep well.

Ordering essential oils is easy. I’m happy to help you customize your order. Please visit and call me for a free consultation.

*Disclaimer- I only use the highest quality, Young Living essential oils. The information on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  It is not intended as medical advice or to replace the advice or attention of health care professionals. You may wish to consult your physician before beginning or making changes in your diet, nutritional supplementation or exercise program. The statements on this web site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Featured Essential Oils – Cedarwood

cedarwoodCedarwood – Cedrus atlantica, is an essential oil that is among the highest in sesquiterpenes. That means it brings more oxygenating capability to the body. This is important for several benefits – better brain function (memory), calming, and improved sleep. That makes it a great oil to use for meditative enhancement – for reprogramming the mind to a purifying and calm state.

Cedarwood also helps improve circulation, is anti-bacterial, and very purifying. It is a natural insect repellant and may be used in combination with other essential oils such as citronella (Cymbopogon nardus) in natural insect repellants.

For meditation, use a drop of cedarwood essential oil directly on the crown of the head. Also, apply a single drop to your palms, rub hands together lightly, with intention and gratitude. The inhale deeply. The remainder in your hands may be applied to the back of your neck, temple areas, or the bottoms of your feet.

To purchase cedarwood essential oil, please contact Rosemary, or purchase directly from my site.