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Our Deep Love for Animals

When I was a teenager, my middle brother, Richard, came home with a puppy. It was a surprise to everyone in the house – all six of us – since we hadn’t talked about it. Maybe I was out of the loop, so to speak, but I remember my brother proclaiming ownership even though we all claimed LOVE for this new family member he named Lucky.

Richard and IndyThroughout the years, Lucky was my constant companion as my brother joined the army and spent several years overseas. Lucky lived to be about 13 years old when he finally struggled with cancer in his neck (a story I wrote about in my book, Heal Together).

More recently, my brother adopted a rescue from Arkansas named India (he plans to call her Indy). Indy arrived to a snowy New Hampshire in the evening as the sun was setting. She’s already melting my heart – even from across the continent. As a veteran, and a recent widower, my brother has his challenges. I used to worry about his loneliness since his wife passed away last year. Now I know his spirits will be lifted with her presence, vitality and love. What a sweet girl!

What makes our connections to animals so important?

I believe animals keep us sane. They make us laugh, keep us company, remind us of our own capability to love – and keep us moving when we’d sometimes just rather sit. They listen to our words without judgement and help us feel safe and loved. The basics we hope to receive from human companionship are sometimes impossible for us – but animals make it possible.

For me and many others around the world, we’re animal lovers through-and-through. It’s not only dogs and cats, but also birds and many other animal companions we bring into our lives. That’s why what we do for them matters. We want to keep them safe and well. We want them to live long and happy lives as family members, our babies, and even our soul connections.

I spoke with my brother about the food he plans to give Indy, and a few other details. Later this week I’ll offer blessings in a healing session and check in with Indy via animal communication to see if she has any important messages to share with her new caretaker. I know she’s in good hands. I heard the ball bouncing in the background when I called him the other day. She’s playing fetch and finally returned the ball to him – smart girl. She loves the 14 inches of snow he has in the back yard. I can’t wait to hear more about my new “niece”.

Checking in with your animal

It’s possible to break the language barrier and go straight to the heart of communicating with animals. Though most of us already know what are animals are saying, we sometimes have emotions or doubt blocking the way. In addition, if an animal has passed away, we might feel even more disconnected from the deeply felt loss. Fortunately, our animals are always there (spiritually) and are ready to speak with us – in “person” or in spirit.

It’s our deep love for animals that allows a conversation to take place. Animals appear to us in dreams, memories, and in the quiet moments of our lives. This is a skill you can practice or learn. But perhaps you’d like to not wait to develop this skill of animal communication. I’m happy to offer this service, for animals who are in physical form or who have passed.

Please contact Rosemary to schedule a time for your appointment. Go directly to Natural Pet Health Alternatives to learn more.

Working with Animals for Deep Healing

The Healer’s Journey Webinar series continues with Working with Animals. Learn about Deep Healing, what it means, and which tools to use to facilitate deep healing for animals – Reiki, essential oils, crystals, tuning forks, supplements, and detoxification all work together to change the vibration. The result can bring you closer together as you both become more deeply connected for healing.

Loving Animals – Health Crisis, Healing Crisis

When working with animals, how do you recognize the difference between a Health Crisis and a Healing Crisis? What do you do, as a healer on the Healer’s Journey, to support animals in all aspects of healing? The following webinar helps you see subtle differences between a health crisis and a healing crisis. There are always natural alternatives to support healing and recovery. Learn more about Animal Healing from my website.

Contact Rosemary for a free consultation. Your journey begins now.

Working With Animals to Heal Trauma, Pain, Injury, and Disease

Animals are excellent at hiding their pain and disease. What can we do as healers to be more aware of not only when our animals need our help, but also how we can help them. Learn to read the signs that an animal is in trauma, experiences pain, has sustained an injury, or is showing evidence of cancer or other diseases. Then select natural healing modalities that work in alignment with animal energies, causing no harm. Modalities such as Reiki, essential oils, intuition, supplements, and detoxification all offer natural healing benefits to animals in health crisis.


Loving Animals – The Emotional Connection

Working with animals requires more than sensitivity. As healers, we have to be sensitive to the subtle signs and find ways to feel confident and filled with hope. Our animals trust us and rely on our choices to support them in their healing. Join us for webinar 20 of the Healer’s Journey as we discuss the human/animal bond and the strong emotions we have for the health and wellbeing of our animal companions.

What are some of the tools we have available to us when working with animals?

Animal Healing

  • Reiki
  • Essential Oils
  • Zeolite

Loving Animals – The Emotional Connection, Webinar #20

The Personal Consultation For Your Animal’s Health

special needs dogs335Many people have been asking me about using essential oils for their animals – especially frankincense essential oil for cancer. I’m very happy to help with personal consultations, and to talk to you about how essential oils can be safely used for animals.

What’s involved in a personal consultation for your animal?

Listening to your needs and finding out if we’re a fit for working together is my primary goal. I know it may be an emotional time for you, so I want to be clear on all aspects of your animal’s situation, including everything from diet to environment, medical history, and current diagnosis. Since the help and guidance I offer in my sessions is non-medical, I encourage you to continue to work with your vet.

I also know that you’re looking for hope, “alternatives”, and perhaps complementary methods of dealing with your animal’s health issues. There are many valuable resources, and a lot of conflicting information. It can be confusing and overwhelming. Know that I do not compromise on the products I’ve chosen to use and offer my clients. For example, I would never talk about a product I haven’t personally used with great results. I’ve spent years selecting products and methods that work together and cause no harm when used properly with guidelines.

Many of the products and resources I use are always available on my website or in my book, Heal Together – Natural Health Solutions for Animals and Their Humans. However, I do not recommend ordering substitutes which may or may not be effective – or may be harmful to your animal. You’ll also want to have personal guidance on how to use each product for your particular situation. That is one of my specialties – an intuitive assessment to help guide the way you choose to proceed.

I also have many tools available that help complement the healing process such as Reiki, tuning forks, crystals, and animal communication. If you choose to work with me after your consultation, these may be a part of a holistic protocol we discuss.

Find out what natural healing might look like for you and your beloved furry family member. I’ve put together several healing packages that includes Reiki and animal communication, along with guidance through the entire process. Learn more about Animal Healing and Soul Connections.

How Animals Help Us Heal

The answer to healing may be as simple as petting your bunny, snuggling with your dog, hugging your horse, or playing with your cat. Stress has been proven to not only interfere with healing, but also cause or trigger diseases in people of all ages. Finding time to reconnect with animals changes how you feel, and lets loose your inner child. I’ve included several endearing videos to offer opportunities for you to remember your love of animals to help you heal.


BoulderRosemary gave me hope where there was almost none.


My 11-year-old lab, Boulder, had been fighting off lymphoma for three years through chemotherapy. Serendipitously, before Boulder ever had cancer, I had searched online for Reiki training and found her website information attractive, all this while living 900 miles away.

I moved to Portland last year and when Boulder began to no longer respond to chemo, I got online to search for help. Turns out Rosemary lives less than two miles away. She taught me how to prepare him healthy food, introduced me to Reiki energy work, essential oils, Zeolite, and many other supplement. Boulder’s lymph nodes actually shrunk for months after that and he was healthy and happy. Although he was not able to beat the cancer after such a long illness and chemical treatments, his last months were robust and energetic until his final few days.

Rosemary is a font of wisdom and loving energy. So much love and healing.


munciefamilyHI Rosemary!

Here is Muncie’s story.

Muncie came into our lives Valentines Day, 2007.  We loved him at first site.  He’s enjoyed thousands of laps in the pool, long walk and runs with his mom and hours in the car driving to California to see our family and run laps in their huge yard.   Muncie has witnessed 3 births, first steps, first words, lots of hugs and kisses, a few tail pulls and eye pokes, a bunch of falls, scrapes and tears from the kids but most importantly love.  Muncie is the sweetest boy. He puts up with so much!  He’s caught a few birds in his day and most recently caught and ate a dove.  He’s fast.  He’s fun and he’s so special to us.  At 8 years old on March 27th, 2015 he was diagnosed with lymphoma.  After multiple trips to the vet and oncologist our family decided not to treat him with chemotherapy.  Rather, we chose a more holistic approach.  After hours of searching online I came across your site.  I was so thankful.  Muncie gets zeolite and a mushroom complex a few times a day, along with many essential oils, probiotics, digestive enzymes and other vitamins and nutrients.  He is on a completely raw diet.  We’ve had a reiki session which I believe helped me to understand him more.  I truly am so grateful for the days and weeks we’ve had with him.  Each day is a blessing spent with him.   Thank you for all your help, love and support.  We’re forever grateful.

The Cromers