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Monthly Archives: October 2019

Sound Secrets of the Brain

Sound Secrets of The Brain

Better sleep, less pain, stronger intuition, and better focus may all be in your head. According to research, brain frequencies measured during restful sleep, dreaming, wakefulness, and restlessness are only slightly different from one another. It can be frustrating to try to fall asleep when you have too much on your mind. Meditation practices can help – but again, quieting the mind in meditation to get to that feeling of peace and zen (theta waves) sometimes feels far from achievable.

Sound Frequencies of the Brain

It’s a complex topic to explain fully here. I refer you to scientific articles and research on brain frequencies. However, what you might be interested in is that you have tools available to you to affect change in your brain frequencies that can trigger relaxation (alpha), sleep and dreaming (delta), awareness and memory retention (beta), etc. It may come as no surprise that pure tone sound frequencies can help align your brain to the activity you want to experience. Better sleep might be just a few tones away.

How to Develop Your Intuition

Some of the most frequently asked questions I get are around how to develop one’s intuitive skills. Of course, there are many ways, like being in nature, feeling grounded, having a daily energy practice such as Reiki, or surrounding yourself with crystals and natural beauty (one of my favorites – see Crystal Magic). Now you can add pure tones from specific frequencies of tuning forks that resonate with the brain and the pineal gland.

You’re Invited to Experience Sound Secrets of the Brain


  • Learn about the different brain frequencies, alpha, beta, delta, theta and gamma waves
  • Use and experience brain tuning forks to help shift your brain frequencies from restless to relaxed, or from depressed to joyful
  • Brain Balancing Technique
  • Brain/Body Communication
  • Sacred Portals
  • and more. See details here

October 27, 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. at my Healing Center in Portland, OR. Contact me for details


Heal Your Wound, Pain-Free

Yesterday I spoke with a friend of mine – a college buddy I’ve stayed in touch with over the years. It’s always nice chatting with her because when we talk, it’s like no time has gone by. We pick up where we left off and really get each other – most of the time. She asked me how I was doing and I mentioned my tuning fork protocol for sound healing called the Wounded Healer. It’s part of the Windhorse Spirit series of Shamanic Tuning classes I’ve developed.

We talked about wounds and our conversation got me thinking about what people might think of wounds – what they are and what causes them, for example. Typically we know a wound as something physical – perhaps the result of an injury, accident, or even surgery. It might look like cut skin or broken bones, Eventually the body heals these physical wounds through the magical cells and systems in the body. The immune system staves off infection, and food turns into energy to grow new, healthy tissue. Hopefully, the pain of this wound also heals . . . but not always.

Pain and Wounds

Pain – emotional, physical, and spiritual –  lodges deep into the cells and body tissues in the form of cellular memory. In her research, Dr. Candace Pert discovered what she called “Molecules of Emotion” and even wrote a book by the same name. These molecules embed into every cell membrane of every cell in the body and allow for communication between cells. I’d like to add that energetically, these memories of pain go much deeper than what we may all imagine to reach into our ancestry and karma, and exist perpetually in the spiritual, etheric, and physical bodies until these pains are found, released and healed.

Pain that never releases and heals continues to manifest into your awareness and triggered into appearance by patterns, people, and events in your life. Like the perpetual pain of Prometheus in mythology, who, as he was chained to the rocks, suffered having his liver eaten daily by an eagle. Due to his immortality, his liver regenerated each night only to be consumed again.  Suffering recurs without conscious understanding.  Events repeat throughout life – and throughout many lifetimes – until the lessons are learned, until forgiveness or gratitude are offered, or until higher vibrations correct deviations from the perfect blueprint of your higher self.

Heal Your Wound, Pain-Free

What really causes pain in the body? Is it the actual injury in your conscious awareness or is it perhaps a manifestation of a deeper ancestral or karmic pattern? In my experience, even the occurrence of illness or disease is the result of lower vibrations you hold onto. Healing, then, happens through a shift in vibrational energies – sound, aromatherapy, energy healing Reiki, and understanding.

You can heal your wounds and become pain-free. Contact me to schedule an appointment or consultation. I look forward to hearing from you.