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Monthly Archives: August 2018

Pre-Launch for Embodied Spirit Online Course

Embodied Spirit Pre-launch is accepting only 15 students for its initial enrollment – at a huge savings. Learn more about the Pre-launch, and join while there’s still space for you.

Here’s the story:

Early this year, in 2018, I added the Spiritual Mastery online class as an extension of the Healer’s Journey online webinar series. It became apparent to me that people loved it, yet the element of time became involved as an interesting factor. Spirit let me know that I could do better, that I could reach more people and inspire people to go beyond their current level of BE-ing.

Even though I loved the thought of creating something bigger, I didn’t know HOW I was going to do that. So, in the way in which I was guided, I rewrote a page on my website to reflect my intentions. You may have seen the Enrichment page called Harness Your Windhorse. It’s intended to hold the energy of creating a deeply honored ability of developing your intuition. (more on that in a bit).

Along the way, something MAGICAL happened. As I created the space for something special, I knew it would finally arise in the form of online classes. This solves the element of TIME for me and for everyone else, without compromising on quality. Here’s what happened.

I began writing my online course for Harness Your Windhorse, but clients and students kept coming to me with bigger questions:

Who am I?
Why am I here?
What’s my Soul’s Purpose?
How can I manifest everything I want?

Do these questions feel familiar to you?

As a result, I wrote an e-book that I’m giving to you FREE, as an introduction to WHAT’S POSSIBLE FOR YOU. Just click the link for Embodied Spirit for the free ebook.

The result of YOUR INQUIRIES and YOUR PRIORITIES made sense to me. I had to postpone writing Harness Your Windhorse to write the Embodied Spirit™ online curriculum.

What this means for you:

I’m announcing the Pre-Launch phase of Embodied Spirit™.

I’m accepting ONLY 15 people into the new curriculum for Embodied Spirit™. 

This is an exclusive offer, available only to the first 15 people who apply and register. After that, registration will be closed, and the extremely discounted offer will be unavailable.
Once registration opens again in a few months, there will be no discounted offer and the course will be available at full price. For more details, please see the Pre-Launch details.

I’d love to speak with you about your journey. Just give me a call or contact me here.

If You Want to Know Your Future

If you want to know what’s in store for you – what your future holds, do you ask a psychic?

Though that may be an obvious choice for some people, it’s not my go-to choice for revealing the mysteries of life. However, it seemed important to discuss this with a caller I had the other day. She was looking for a psychic who would give her clarity on her future.

Interesting. I love that people call me for such things. It gives me the opportunity to ask them what they really want, find out more about their life so far, and share with them a little about my philosophy and magic that could offer support and guidance for their needs. And yet . . . in the course of our discussion I felt her energy move away from me. I wasn’t telling her what she wanted to hear. I didn’t say “yes”, promise a fortune-telling experience, and ask for her credit card. That’s not in her best interest, and certainly not what I do as a psychic intuitive, Licensed Spiritual Healer.

But what about the future? How could she have understood what she really wanted to know?

Here are a few things I’ve learned over my many years as an intuitive healer:

  1. You made choices before you were born that you want to experience in this life. These experiences were chosen for various reasons including spiritual growth, playing a role for another soul, activating an aspect of your soul that needs illuminating, or to resolve a recurring pattern that has yet to be resolved.
  2. You are born unaware of these choices and the previous life’s information, traumas, pain, etc. This is the veil that shields you from TMI (too much information).
  3. Your Higher Self, the etheric part of you that manifests as a physical being in this 3rd dimension, offers wisdom through your dreams, meditative experiences, coincidences, “chance” meetings, omens, animal guides, and more.
  4. If you don’t “pay attention” to the guidance offered by your Higher Self, you’ll continue to be given opportunities, sometimes with harsh measures, if necessary. These harsher measures can take the form of uncomfortable experiences, injury, disease, etc.
  5. Following your guidance is easier than you think.

How to Know Your Future

Energy constantly changes. Our circumstances change as our choices change. Choices determine, to a great extent, the future. That may seem obvious, but let me elaborate. As you move along your life’s path, accepting jobs, moving from one location to another, developing friendships and relationships, etc., tap into your emotions around each situation and relationship. Does something feel off? Is there disenchantment with the beau? Do circumstances keep happening to mess up your day? If so, you’re probably – like your car – out of alignment. If you’re in alignment with your soul’s purpose and your future manifestation, you’ll feel good. You’ll know it. So, what’s the problem? This sounds like it would be easy to fix, and it would be except for one thing. You’re stuck in your head, trying to think things through.

Get Out of Your Head

We’re an ego-based culture rewarded for our ability to think and solve problems. Unfortunately, what we learned in school doesn’t teach us to tap into our intuitive skills. Developing your intuition is really the best way to know your future. You don’t really need a psychic to tell you that. However, learning these skills now – the innate skills you’ve forgotten – serve you well for your future.

Work with Me One-on-One

You’re intuitive, empathic, and wishing to move forward on your path. Have you considered talking to a Spiritual Healer? One of the biggest obstacles people face is that they feel like they’re alone. Nobody “gets” them. The people you know as family and friends don’t understand what you’re going through. Let me hear you say what you really want to express. Work with me in a coaching/mentorship opportunity. Discover Your Path.

Free ebook Intro Embodied SpiritI’d like to offer you a gift, Embodied Spirit, a free ebook introduction to my online course. Just fill in the form and receive my book. If you’re inspired – if you recognize the opportunity as your Higher Self tapping you on the shoulder – then give me a call. Here’s the form:

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Unconditional Forgiveness

Free ebook Intro Embodied SpiritThis morning I awoke at my usual time, sometime around 6:30 a.m., and chose to laze around in a sleepy state for a while. I wasn’t in a hurry to get up today because my husband’s schedule was a little different . . . just for today. He let me know that he’d walk Gracie this morning to free up time for me to do whatever. As the clock approached 7, I suddenly remembered that there’s a meditation time at my club I usually only am able to attend on Thursdays. With gusto I jumped out of bed, quickly got ready, grabbed my mat, water, and two crystals, and headed out the door.

A word about the two crystals, Quartz and Amber

Quartz point wand, featured in a recent post, expressed the aspect of the “unconditional”, an opportunity to connect to source in the spaces between the structure of molecules and the physical realm. (You can read about the Spirituality of Unconditional Source here.) This particular quartz point radiates deep understanding, a connection to information, strength and understanding.

The amber palm “stone” I’ve worked with for many years. Often, it helps release and remove negative energies, assisting in repair, especially where there has been injury. In a recent meditation with amber it reflected the concept of forgiveness to me. So, with these two crystals working together, I theorized the concept of unconditional forgiveness could be achieved.

Unconditional Forgiveness

I held amber to my heart and chose to place quartz in front of me. Almost immediately after settling in to my silent, meditative state, I felt my father’s energy come through. He looked young, in his 30’s perhaps. This would have been the age in which he left my mother, when I was only two years old.  My brothers, older than me, would have many more memories of him and the heart-ache he caused our family. Though my mother expressed many emotions and experiences around their time together and how he treated her and my brothers, I know it wasn’t easy. I was perhaps spared the experience of really knowing him.

In later years, when I was older, we did meet. We formed a somewhat courteous and very temporary acknowledgement of each other.  When he passed away, I felt nothing. I’d made no room in my heart for him based on the emotions and information from my family. Yet here I was, face-to-face with my father in his 30’s. I saw him as his soul expression in physical form, playing a role of the abusive, absent, angry, narcissistic, uncaring father. He only asked for my forgiveness in the heart-ache he caused me throughout my life. 

I admit I was surprised by this interaction. My father has not been on my mind. Yet, without further hesitation, I forgave him. In fact, seeing him in this way, forgiveness was an easy thing to do. I was surprised at how easy it flowed from my heart. (I almost missed the opportunity, I felt, if I’d stayed in bed this morning.)

The Physical Results of Forgiveness

Meditation class was followed on the hour by the regularly scheduled Joint Health class. As we moved our knees, hips, and shoulders around in all possible ways I felt a certain fluidity I hadn’t noticed before. Any discomfort I previously held in my right hip was gone. I sensed that I was well-oiled and even moved without tension in the area of my sacral chakra. It occurred to me that the act of unconditional forgiveness has immediately perceived benefits. In my mind, I know this. I practice gratitude, offer prayers, accept abundance, and say all the words that spiritual healers say. However, meeting my father’s spirit in meditation offered me a depth of understanding for which we always strive.

In my Embodied Spirit online course, this is part of Module 2, Truth. In Module 2 you have opportunities to intellectually examine where pain is held in the body. Then you free yourself from pain and burdens to move through darkness toward enlightenment. It doesn’t happen fast for everyone. Yet the journey itself is worth so much more.

Register now. We’re in a deeply discounted Pre-Launch Special offer. Class begins August 17.

I hope you’ll join us.


Spiritual Leadership with Reiki

I was asked recently what it means to be a leader. As a spiritual leader, Reiki Master, Shaman, and a spiritual healer, I have little time to ponder leadership, except to say that “I Am”. From the perspective of a person in business, self-employed, teaching Reiki classes and doing private sessions, it really is important to have a handle on technology. I update my own websites (yes, I have more than one), write my own blog articles, and research and invest in supplements and products my clients need for healing and recovery. For example, I now carry InLight Medical infrared light pads after researching and using light therapy pads for approximately two years.

Returning to the concept of leadership, I like to go back to the fundamentals of Reiki and shamanism. These fundamentals set the framework for everything else I do. Before even getting out of bed, I activate my palms with Reiki symbols and balance my chakras with Reiki and a short meditation. At the start of my day, my shower includes a blessing of water flowing over me with intentions of washing away what no longer serves me. I anoint myself with essential oils on my feet holding intentions of receiving (on the left foot) and offering (on the right foot) in a ritualistic fashion. My morning continues with blessing my food and watering my plants (also with a blessing). Reading the comics is a priority over news. Walking the dog is a priority over work. Silence is a priority over music and television.

You may ask how these fundamentals make me a leader. It really depends on who and what you’re leading – and not leading. I’m not leading any fights, wars, or injustices. Though these circumstances exist, I believe we add to the mass consciousness and manifestation of trauma and injustice by focusing on it. I’d rather lead people in kindness, compassion, and thoughtful words. I’d rather lead people in a way of being healthy that honors Spirit living within us. I’d rather lead people who choose to learn how to live because they resonate with a higher vibration. You might say I’m leading a movement for BE-ing in a way that supports our natural world while we occupy it.

Things bother me, too. I’m bothered by the amount of plastics and toxicity, and take steps within my personal space to reduce using them, and to detoxify my body daily. I wish my brother didn’t have neuropathy, or that his wife didn’t have to endure a long, slow demise from cancer. I struggle with some personal relationships in which I know there’s a widening gap. Yet through it all, I continue with Reiki as a tool for enlightenment and possibilities that I can’t yet understand with my human brain.

We’re all on a journey of self-discovery that we hope leads to prosperity, abundance, joy, and the manifestation of Goodness in our lives. As a leader, I see myself setting an example, teaching classes, having productive conversations, and simply offering insight offered to me as a humble conduit from Source. Reiki may be one of the most beneficial classes you’ll ever take for enlightenment, empowerment, peace, and self-healing.

Reiki classes are offered monthly. I hope you can join us.