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Heart Wisdom – Spiritual Mastery for Lightworkers

Our webinar series, Spiritual Mastery for Lightworkers, continues in 2018 with Heart Wisdom.

In today’s world, intelligence is valued over intuition. How smart we are is of great concern in schools where intelligence, memory, ability to analyze, process facts, calculate, and THINK are measured and tested daily. In fact, testing for intelligence determines which track a student may fall into – career and college, vocational, etc. Life skills and intuition don’t seem to have as high a priority in schools. Where does that leave students as they become adults in the community? Furthermore, as we take up our roles in society, we may – by default – become entrenched in societal expectations. We have many terms for these expectations – rat race, parenthood, senior citizen, teenager, etc. In fact, we can stereotype a person and possibly even their intellect based on age, occupation, how much money they have (or don’t have), their appearance, etc.
All of these stereotypes and terms include judgement based on intellectual criteria. Where society has set the standard, we find evidence of THINKING over FEELING.

As intuitive lightworkers on our journey, we’re looking for the answers to questions about how to improve our intuition, feel more heart-centered, and guided by INSPIRATION. What is inspiration? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, inspiration is a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation.
The brain is intellectual whereas the heart is intelligence – which is driven by a universal consciousness. The heart is not limited by intellect. Innately, we have universal truth which makes us connected to everything and each other.
The brain often uses and exploits the heart. By the time we reach adolescence, the brain takes over, making heart the slave. The brain perceives the world through senses and feeds the heart information. The brain says, “I want you to feel what I’m thinking.” If the heart receives the message of “fear” from the brain, fear becomes an emotion that manifests in the body.
What does that look like? Heart disease? Can heart disease be an overuse of the brain to the heart, that the heart feels so useless and not able to be what it was created to be. Does the heart commit cerebral-coronary suicide? If so, does the brain become the executor of the heart?

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Heart Wisdom

SNHpodsqWhen we think of “wisdom”, our thoughts often go directly to “intelligence” – something that can be measured to indicate how “smart” a person is. On paper, intelligence is a number that tries to represent cognitive thinking abilities, reasoning skills, analytical and linear processes usually associated with the left brain. In school we learned how the brain controls all body functions, sort of like a conductor for the body. The brain receives information from the environment through the senses and develops a belief system – like grooves of a record within the brain. It’s easy to get “stuck” with behavior patterns repeating themselves without conscious thought.

Though there is much we don’t understand about the brain, we might even say that there is even MUCH MORE we don’t understand about the heart. The heart and its misunderstood intelligence has a lot to offer us for living consciously, acting intuitively, and being more effective in the world in all our roles – as parents, teachers, workers, leaders, care-givers, etc.

What Has the Brain Made the Heart Forget?

Wisdom that comes from the heart was pushed aside as the brain developed in-utero and became more active. The brain is the house of EGO, which helps ensure our survival early in life. Our brain, hungry for learning all the motor skills, intellectual challenges, and thought processes, dismisses the more feminine aspect of our development – our intuition. When we explore the intuitive aspect of survival, growth, spirituality, and wisdom, we gain a broader sense of not only who we are, but where we fit in the Universe. We become a little more in-tune with nature, harmonizing with the intention of advancement as spiritual beings. The heart remembers who we are as individuals and as a species.

Exploring Heart Wisdom

Spiritual Mastery;Master Class Series

I’d like to invite you to learn more about the wisdom of the heart. Learn how your heart can be your guide to a higher, more developed sense of intuition. In February, I’m honoring the wisdom of the heart in a special Master Class from my Lightworkers Spiritual Mastery series. You can join for free. Register for Heart Wisdom here.