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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Recipes For Healing

It’s so easy to get off-track from good intentions. You can remember when you “used to” devote more time to practices that helped calm you, or fed your soul. Perhaps you’re just starting out, looking for better ways to BE in the world and live a healthier life style. Today I’m providing you with simple recipes for healing. You’ll be surprised at how well they work as both fundamental healing recipes and long-term practices for a healthier lifestyle. Let me know what you think.

Watch Recipes For Healing.


Divine Compassion

As we grow in our spirituality, we become more powerful. Sometimes we may come on a little strong, or seem insensitive to others. Yet, this is part of our human-ness and our growth as we become more aware of higher vibrations.

Don’t be afraid of growth or of your personal power. We are all surrounded with loving guides, sacred spirits who want us to be who we are. These guides offer the grace of divine compassion. Learn more and watch here: