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Monthly Archives: October 2017

How Do You Bridge the Gap to Become Luminous?

You’ve been on your path for a while now. Yet, sometimes it feels like you still have far to go before achieving what we call “Effortless Spiritual Awareness”. Life happens. There’s stress and trauma, work, obligations, and so much already on your “plate” that it feels
hard to make a connection. In fact, you might even feel disconnected from what you really want! 
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Messages From Spirit

Sometimes you feel like you’re just not “getting” it. You might be so involved in your family, work, circumstances, that you feel like you have little time to just BE. In addition, it feels like you’re asking for help – or maybe a “sign” – but nothing’s happening.

Are your wires crossed?

Learn more about messages from Spirit. What do these messages look like or feel like? How do you know if something you’re receiving is really a “message”?