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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Cymatics and Healing

Phonons become photons. Sound becomes light. What you can hear becomes something you can see. Words, sound vibrations, and even thoughts become a physical manifestation in you. How do we know this? Cymatics demonstrates how vibration can be observed. As you watch the following video, imagine how the sounds to which you’re listening may affect the water, minerals, and tissues of your own body. In addition, what can you do to facilitate harmonious patterns in your body that promote health and healing?

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Science and Soul, Discovering Your Soul Origins

You can trace your biological origins and geographic origins through DNA and historical references. However, your ancestry – where you’re really from – comes from your soul origins. Remember who you are. Learn more about your soul origins. How might DNA be healed or transformed through vibrational sound frequencies?

What You Need to Know About Karma

As healers on the Healer’s Journey, we encounter our own trauma and desire to heal. This free video series is designed to empower you with thought-provoking questions and information toward your path as an Illuminated Healer™. Karma Basics is such a broad term. Yet, with a few vital points to consider about karma, this video may reveal new ways for you to experience karmic relief. What is karma? Who are we? Why are we here? Watch Karma Basics now.

Don’t Let Truth Scare You

The Healer’s Journey Webinar series continues with discussions about truth. Our perceptions influence us in profound ways. What we hear, see, and learn effect our personal truths. How do we align to the infinite wisdom of truth, and let go of dissonant frequencies that find a home in our existence? Learn more with my free Healer’s Journey webinar.