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7 Perfect Essential Oils for All Day Long

How do you start and end your day? Are your days filled with productivity, vitality, clarity, and empowerment? If not, you may want to try a few essential oils to enhance your moments throughout the day. * Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Valor essential oil blend with spruce, blue tansy, and frankincense essential oils – the perfect blend to start and end any day. Apply Valor to the bottom of your feet and back of your neck to feel nerves and energy come into alignment.

2. Lemon essential oil – apply 1-2 drops under your tongue. Follow up with a glass of purified water. Lemon is uplifting and filled with antioxidants, perfect for starting your day.

3. Rosemary essential oil – apply one drop to your palm and rub palms together, gently moving palms in a clockwise, circular motion. In hale the aroma deeply, and apply oil from your palms to the back of your neck. Rosemary helps stimulate memory and improve breathing.

4. Peppermint essential oil – inhale peppermint directly from the bottle. Close one nostril and inhale deeply. Then close the other nostril and inhale deeply again. This method helps bring the benefits of peppermint to both sides of your brain more efficiently. Peppermint helps improve mental clarity, alertness, and memory.

5. Ocotea – a favorite oil of the cinnamon family, ocotea can help balance blood sugar levels. Try ocotea in water or tea after a meal. Ocotea may also be applied topically in the middle of the back (at the location of the adrenal glands) and under your left arm at about the “bra line” which is the approximate location of the pancreas. Use a tapping technique (lightly tap with fingertips) when applying this essential oil to stimulate the flow of energy to the area.

6. Stress Away essential oil blend – this blend contains Copaiba (Copaifera reticulata), Lime (Citrus aurantifolia), Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica), Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia), Ocotea (Ocotea quixos), Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia). Use Stress Away in the middle of the afternoon. Just inhale deeply, and apply to palms and neck, as well as on your back at the adrenals. The effect can be both soothing and uplifting.

7. Lavender and orange essential oils – these two essential oils, applied together, serve to relax and soothe, as well as bathe your mind and heart in acceptance and love. It’s the perfect way to end your day. Apply to palms and neck. Inhale deeply. Diffuse into the air, and sleep well.

Ordering essential oils is easy. I’m happy to help you customize your order. Please visit and call me for a free consultation.

*Disclaimer- I only use the highest quality, Young Living essential oils. The information on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  It is not intended as medical advice or to replace the advice or attention of health care professionals. You may wish to consult your physician before beginning or making changes in your diet, nutritional supplementation or exercise program. The statements on this web site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

What I Forgot About Rose Essential Oil

Essential Aroma OilLast month I purchased a small bottle of Young Living Rose essential oil, and just last night I opened it to bask in the aroma of this amazing, valuable oil. Much to my surprise, I couldn’t even get a drop of this precious oil out of the bottle. So, I opened up the top and took a look inside. It was all gelled up at the bottom of the bottle, and the quantity looked low.

I was stunned. Did some oil leak out? Did the oil spoil? I was not happy, and I set the bottle aside with the intention to call Young Living in the morning.

When morning came, I put the bottle in my pocket and went about my routine until I had time to call the company. I was surprised when I reached a representative almost immediately. Young Living experienced tremendous growth last year, growing seven-fold in just one year. They gradually overcame the high-volume demands and now have many more people to answer calls.

The man who helped me was quite sympathetic when I described what my rose oil looked like. I appreciated his tone. He understood me. He also asked if I had purchased rose essential oil before. No, this was my first time. Except for blends that contain rose oil, I had never allowed myself the pleasure of purchasing pure rose essential oil.

He suggested that the oil might be cold. Rose essential oil is one of the thick oils, he explained, and so it needs to be warmed up a bit in order to flow freely. I reached into my pocket to bring out the small bottle, now warmed from being in my pocket for an hour or so. The bottle was full of pure liquid gold. The beautiful rose oil flowed freely, and I plopped a drop into my open palm.

I thanked Charlie, my representative, and he reminded me that there are several oils that are thick – vetiver, sandalwood, frankincense, and cypress, for example. These are the oils that are highest in sesquiterpenes – the magical component in essential oils that carry oxygen in the blood.

Magical Rose Essential Oil

The aroma of pure rose essential oil is magical. I applied the drop to my neck and arms, spreading it freely. Gracie came over to bug me about playing with her. She stuck her nose into my palms and looked up at me with those moon-eyes, tail wagging. That was the okay from her, and I smeared what was left in my palms all over her fur. Satisfied, Gracie went to take a nap, leaving me to finish at the computer and move onto my next job – cleaning house. (I wished I hadn’t taken the drop of rose oil, knowing that my hands would soon be in rubber gloves.)

What I forgot about rose essential oil was not only that it is the absolute highest in sesquiterpenes, making it the thickest oil that often needs warming before using it. Rose oil, pure and special like this one, lasts a long time – hours, or days! Gracie still smells great, and I have activated my memory of rose in my limbic system. Rose has stayed with me throughout the day. Even the bottle of rose essential oil that still sits on my desk smells wonderful.

The Benefits of Rose Essential Oil

Long known for its benefits for skin tone, rose might be your skin’s best friend. Add rose essential oil to your beauty regimen. I plan to add a drop to almond oil tonight as an evening skin treatment. Rose has a very high antioxidant value, scoring an ORAC value of 1,604,284 – one of the highest known!

Rose is also great for enhancing mood and balancing hormones. Use it to help bring peace and joy to your heart, or love to your relationships.

Young Living didn’t disappoint me.

They reinforced what I had forgotten – they never compromise on quality, and offer the best support. Also, Young Living oils don’t go bad. What’s in the bottle is pure, natural, and sterile. They keep their value for years – if you manage to not use them up.

The rose essential oil also has not let me down. I love that it has stayed with me throughout the day, even while cleaning house.

If you haven’t tried essential oils, give me a call.

OR – you can go to and use my member number to order or set up an account. 1771474

I look forward to hearing from you!


munciefamilyHI Rosemary!

Here is Muncie’s story.

Muncie came into our lives Valentines Day, 2007.  We loved him at first site.  He’s enjoyed thousands of laps in the pool, long walk and runs with his mom and hours in the car driving to California to see our family and run laps in their huge yard.   Muncie has witnessed 3 births, first steps, first words, lots of hugs and kisses, a few tail pulls and eye pokes, a bunch of falls, scrapes and tears from the kids but most importantly love.  Muncie is the sweetest boy. He puts up with so much!  He’s caught a few birds in his day and most recently caught and ate a dove.  He’s fast.  He’s fun and he’s so special to us.  At 8 years old on March 27th, 2015 he was diagnosed with lymphoma.  After multiple trips to the vet and oncologist our family decided not to treat him with chemotherapy.  Rather, we chose a more holistic approach.  After hours of searching online I came across your site.  I was so thankful.  Muncie gets zeolite and a mushroom complex a few times a day, along with many essential oils, probiotics, digestive enzymes and other vitamins and nutrients.  He is on a completely raw diet.  We’ve had a reiki session which I believe helped me to understand him more.  I truly am so grateful for the days and weeks we’ve had with him.  Each day is a blessing spent with him.   Thank you for all your help, love and support.  We’re forever grateful.

The Cromers


PreciousHere is the story of Precious, a beautiful Samoyed who lives in SC with my friend, Joan. I received this story from Joan a couple of years ago, and began working with Joan to help restore Precious’ hearing. The story is written with updates as I received them from Joan, and begins in Nov, 2012.

Dear Friends,

I am writing to ask your help for my sweet 8 yr. old blind girl, Precious.  This incredible girl came to me just over a year ago and, though blind, she has been amazing as she blended with other dogs and a cat in her new life.  Blind since she was one, she leads me on walks as if she can see everything and loves to look up at birds singing and chase the sound of leaves blowing down the street.

But that all changed last Thursday (Nov 29),  I took her to a vet because another vet had been diagnosed with a yeast infection in her ears and I was having trouble putting the drops in.  This vet used another ear medication.

After the expected nap when we returned, I knew something was wrong as she just slept and was unresponsive to anything I said.  I called the vet’s office the next morning to see if the ear drops could have caused some side effect and they said she was probably “just tired”.  Nothing changed and Saturday afternoon when I called her in the yard, I realized what was (horribly) wrong…

My dear, sweet Precious could not hear!  I took her to the first vet this morning hoping that flushing her ears; even though it has been three days, may help restore some hearing as she cannot hear even a loud whistle next to her.  Now we wait.

Devastation and sadness does not begin to describe how I feel for Precious, YET I refuse to accept that all is lost and that the rest of her life will be both dark and silent. I am giving her Reiki and praying a lot and I know that prayers multiplied can work miracles.

Precious needs a miracle – Please pray that her hearing is restored.

Thank you – with our love,

Joan and Precious

Rosemary – Precious, was blind by the time she was 1 yr. old due to a retinal dysplasia from her parents. Possibly she had been born in a puppy mill as these dogs should not have been breeding.  I adopted her (via a posting on Petfinder) in October 2011. Upon her arrival from New Hampshire, she quickly “mapped” my house and settled in to a brand new life with other dogs and a cat.  She amazed me as she would “lead me” on walks even though she could not see at all. She relied on her hearing so much – she would look up at the sky when a plane flew over or try to chase the sound of leaves blowing down the street.  And, in the yard, when I called her name she would come running to the sound of my voice.  No blind human would do that!  When she lost her hearing it was devastating.  She just stayed in the corner all day and all night and would only get up if I went and got her to eat or go out.  I vowed not to accept this as a permanent condition. In addition to all the things I am sharing with you, I printed little signs that said Precious Can Hear!  I had them all over the kitchen, bathroom mirror, office and the car – so I was constantly reminded of what was to be.  I hope all of this helps.

First, I received my Abraham email message for the day which said:

When the contrast gets greater, the desire gets greater too, and that’s what miracles are from. A miracle is nothing more than a terrible situation that has caused strong desire and then somehow an alignment of Energy with the desire.

Then I took Precious to the groomer and while I was waiting a couple came in to get their dog – the man approached Precious and I told him she was friendly, blind and lost her hearing last week due to a medication that was put in her ears.  The lady never approached or said anything.  Her face looked as if she might have had a stroke (sort of paralyzed).  As their dog was coming out they both went over to the gate – then she turned around came back to Precious, bent down and placed her hand on her head – I could feel the lady’s energy of prayer for Precious.

Since this started, I have been talking to my four Angel Samoyed Girls – and asking them for their help.  Later this morning as I was driving, I first saw one very big, white, puffy cloud – the kind my Angels like hang out in.  There were no real shapes but I looked up and said aloud, “I know you are up there!”  Then as I continued to turn – there in front of me was a very long, white, puffy cloud and standing tall atop this cloud, as clear as could be, were 4 big white fluffy dogs!
Even as I write this I continue to be overwhelmed with tears of gratitude and joy.

When I got home I had a voice mail message from my friend, Bonnie.  She had just received Toning Pipe that does deep healing.  We are going to use it today.
Dec 5- Bonnie came over and I rang the toning pipe as she massaged and gave Reiki to Precious.  Then she was most playful with our hands and one of her favorite toys – and happy to wag her always grateful tail.

She is moving around more and last night she discovered the Christmas tree – it is a narrow tree that I had last year.  First she lay down on the rug and then started checking out the ornaments.  First, she picked the wings from a bird that Nala had removed two days ago and then she picked a paper Santa face, one of 6 I have had for decades.  “Sorry, Precious – you cannot have these!”
Posted on Rosemary’s facebook Monday, Dec 10

Hi Rosemary!

I want to thank you for continuing to leave up the photo of beautiful Precious and her need for a miracle.  She is on NCD and Mega D, get Reiki daily, I have found healing 528 HZ tones online which I play when she is beside me in my office.  Today, I added little signs I made simply saying, Precious Can Hear! and have posted them on my phones, mirrors, computer, around the kitchen, on my bed, in a pillow and the car – all to keep my energy positive and focused on a Miracle for Precious.  Continued prayers are needed and appreciated.

From our hearts – Thank you.

Joan and Precious

January 22, 2013

Precious Got Her Miracle! She can HEAR!

I am overjoyed to send this wonderful report.  On November 29 Precious lost her hearing and while her life changed dramatically, her amazing personality did not. True, she slept much of the day – in fact she wouldn’t get up until I touched her. I had to take her out on a leash, she never knew when it was time for a treat or a meal and  she didn’t greet me at the door because she did not know when I came home.  In fact there was very little communication unless I was close to and/or touching her. Still she had that cute wagging tail.

But through prayer, Reiki, flower essences, zeolite, healing pipes and a belief that her hearing would return – it has. It started very gradually on Dec 18, by first hearing the sound of a clicker at close range, but really nothing more until the past few weeks. Last week she heard the microwave door close, then a drawer and a few days ago she  heard me whistle and today – from a bit of a distance she heard me talk!

Perhaps, this has been more of an ordeal for me than her – because she “adjusted.”  But I never wanted to think about it that way because so much of her life had disappeared – her world was not just dark, it was silent. Today she has been awake a lot more and listening around  – because she can hear the sounds of life around her – once again she is engaged!

Right now it is almost dark and Precious is outside enjoying the cold weather and the best news is when I want her to come in – I can call her!

For Precious, thank you for your thoughts and prayers.