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Alternative Health at Its Best

natural healthIf you could put a finger on what works best for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, what would you notice? You might, in fact, need many fingers. A healthy lifestyle encompasses a holistic approach to living life to the fullest.

Diet and exercise might be the mantra promoted by many health advocates. They’re right! These 2 components alone could make a huge difference in health. Yet, diet and exercise are not really “medical” and not considered “alternative” either, right? They are also not the only components for achieving good health. Sometimes we need a little more help.

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) provide us with a plethora of choices to integrate health at its best, without invasive procedures, risks, and side-effects. Acupuncture, chiropractic medicine, homeopathy, Aryuveda, and energy medicine such as Reiki, all have much to offer in gentle, effective ways.

Science has some catching up to do. You might even say that science is dragging its feet when it comes to curing and preventing disease. That may seem like a harsh, unfounded statement, but consider this. Modern medicine makes its money on sick care, in everything from prescription medication to hospital care, long-term care, hospice, and a wide range of other related expenses in which people perpetuate their illnesses. Chronic diseases were responsible for seven out of ten deaths in the United States in 2008.

Your Choice for a Healthy Lifestyle

Chronic disease – symptoms of arthritis, allergies, cancer, diabetes, etc. – is where alternative care shines. In gentle, non-invasive ways, we can empower ourselves with self-healing techniques that support a healthy lifestyle. It feels like a simple choice to me – medicine or essential oils. Medicine or detox. Medicine or Reiki. Medicine or green vegetables. Medicine or walking every day.

We might ask if “alternative” really means that conventional medical care is a first choice and alternative medicine is a second, less valuable choice. Each type of care has its benefits and strengths. I believe we see Alternative care as a first choice for good health, the day-to-day practice of living a healthy life.

Integrative Health

Rather than segregate health care from life, you may want to see how it is possible to integrate alternative methods of health care with your lifestyle. You may already do so. That’s terrific! Alternative health – diet, exercise, detoxification, supplements, Reiki, meditation, and much more – all integrate to provide you with Alternative Health at its best.

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Integrative Spiritual Enrichment

chakrabalanceIn all my years of practicing Reiki, one truth shines through. Reiki is an intelligent energy that grows and evolves.

It is my extreme pleasure to offer you a program I devised to bring not only Reiki classes (attunement and instruction), but also an integrative approach to adding the best tools to support energy healing and your use of Reiki.

Reiki 1 & 2 Foundation

This Integrative Foundation Training is for people who:

  • have been attuned to Reiki previously and want to enhance their experience and their Spirituality
  • want to become attuned to Reiki and learn, as quickly as possible, the techniques used by masters and healers of all kinds

Why are we offering this Integrative Spiritual Enrichment Program?

The world is ready for more people who are awakening to Spirit and the practices surrounding energy healing. Natural alternatives are not so much “alternatives” as they are a necessary part of living. Our connection to Source provides us with clarity and the tools we need to live in peace, with grace, ease and comfort.

As a participant in our Spiritual Enrichment Program you’ll receive all the information necessary to offer Reiki to yourself and to others, to offer distance healing, to utilize the energy tools of crystals, essential oils, and much more. We’ll get you started with a program filled with ways to enhance your experience and grow your connection to Spirit.

Your Transformational Experience

We offer the program but, ultimately, you do the work. The more you practice Reiki, working with crystals, essential oils, sound, and meditation, the greater you become aligned with Source. We encourage you to continue developing your abilities with journalling, staying connected to us with our secret facebook group, and with each other. We delight in your progress!

Join us!

Our next class is the part we refer to as Intensive Training. This special series of workshops is usually part of our Apprentice Program, but we’ve super-charged it for you. Our next Intensive Training is coming soon – May 30. Check our calendar for details.

For more information, pricing, and special offers, please visit our website.


Soul Alignment

looking for clarityWhat does your spirit know that is not obvious to you? When we find ourselves asking questions about our path in life, asking for clarity, or wondering why things have to be so hard, we are not clear, and we are not in alignment with Source energy.

What is Soul Alignment?

Soul alignment is a feeling that can be measured in joy, comfort, and ease. It can also be measured in money, a feeling of abundance (having enough or having plenty), peace, spiritual awareness, and connection to nature. What is missing from soul alignment is fear, doubt, worry, anger, hate, and regret. Once one becomes aligned to spiritual energy, awareness shifts toward ease and away from difficulty.

Soul alignment, or alignment with Spirit, is more than a feeling, however. A sense of purpose becomes more evident. All subsequent actions then contribute toward that purpose. In fact, once you become more closely aligned to Source, all actions, activities and thoughts that do not contribute toward that purpose – or align with that purpose – fall away. Those activities and thoughts don’t feel right anymore. They don’t fit. They are not a match for who you are.

When You Don’t Fit In

Did you ever go to a party or an event and wonder why you were there? For some reason, the conversations seemed to be about things that didn’t interest you. Maybe you didn’t even agree with what was being said. I used to find myself in situations like this. There was a time when I liked to get together with a few people in my neighborhood. We’d play cards and eat candy and other snacks. Talk was generally gossip of what was going on in the neighborhood, or in people’s lives. It was fun. We met only once per month, but it was a couple of hours without care or purpose that I felt kept me connected to my neighbors.

Eventually I noticed that, when the topic of health arose, I felt out of place. Health is an important subject for me, and natural alternatives are my first choice for myself and my family. My neighbors felt differently . . . at least it seemed that way. People on medications were happy with their treatment. Without going into details, suffice it to say that I felt I was speaking a different language. In order to honor my purpose and my alignment to Source, I walked away from the monthly gatherings.

Walking away from your situation may not be as simple as what I described. So instead, let’s talk about what you’re moving toward.

Moving Toward Alignment with Source

In my practice I ask for the person’s intentions before we begin the work. Sometimes it’s an easy statement. More often than not, people want clarity. They want to have a sense of purpose and know where they’re going or what they’re supposed to do in life. Clarity = Alignment. Seeking clarity is seeking God, seeking alignment to Source, seeking a sense of knowing. This may be the biggest revelation for people asking for clarity. They know they come from good, they know they think good thoughts, or do good things, but they still lack clarity, or alignment to God. What’s missing in their sense of clarity and purpose?

The missing element in clarity and sense of purpose is feeling the “right” vibration. God, Source, Spirit – which ever term you want to use – exists at the highest vibration. High vibration comes to us as feeling joy, laughter, accomplishment, service to others, creativity, love, and spirituality. We become aligned with these high vibrations by participating in them. At the same time, we let go of activities and thoughts that lower our vibration.

It’s not an all or nothing proposition! We are constantly shifting and changing, making different choices, growing, and utilizing new tools to help us become more aligned with Source. There is always room for more. That’s the beauty of the process. We know that as clear as we become, and as close as we align to Source, there is still more, always getting better and better. The capacity is infinite and the energy is eternal.

Getting Started

Transformation comes with ease and grace. Clarity and alignment comes with practice. I’ve outlined a few steps to help you get started with your transformation and spiritual alignment. If you haven’t done so already, go ahead and subscribe to my newest newsletter, and receive your free Transformational Guide. (This is different than previous newsletters and will eventually replace other forms of communication with my subscribers.)

Then tap in, tune in, and stay in touch. I have a new, free podcast for Spiritual Messages from Source.  Just subscribe!

Feeling Like You Need a Helping Hand?

No problem. We offer lots of ways to get you going on your path. Try our Awaken and Transform Packages. Or you can also step forward on the path of healing yourself and others with our Integrative Enrichment Program.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Featured Essential Oils – Cedarwood

cedarwoodCedarwood – Cedrus atlantica, is an essential oil that is among the highest in sesquiterpenes. That means it brings more oxygenating capability to the body. This is important for several benefits – better brain function (memory), calming, and improved sleep. That makes it a great oil to use for meditative enhancement – for reprogramming the mind to a purifying and calm state.

Cedarwood also helps improve circulation, is anti-bacterial, and very purifying. It is a natural insect repellant and may be used in combination with other essential oils such as citronella (Cymbopogon nardus) in natural insect repellants.

For meditation, use a drop of cedarwood essential oil directly on the crown of the head. Also, apply a single drop to your palms, rub hands together lightly, with intention and gratitude. The inhale deeply. The remainder in your hands may be applied to the back of your neck, temple areas, or the bottoms of your feet.

To purchase cedarwood essential oil, please contact Rosemary, or purchase directly from my site.

The Miracle of Emotional and Physical Connections

transformational experienceDoes the aroma of something wonderful bring you into a different state of mind? How about the reverse? Does a different state of mind bring about the sense of a wonderful aroma? If so, then you have experienced the miracle of emotional and physical connections.

Recently, I have been using cedarwood essential oil during group meditation practice. I also offer a drop of cedarwood essential oil to my fellow participants in the class. Cedarwood has been very well received by everyone who uses it, helping to enhance the experience. Last week, however, I did not bring any oils to class. We proceeded through several meditative experiences – which were all wonderful.

After class, one of the students, a woman named Lois, came up to me and said that she could smell my cedarwood oil during her meditation. Huh. Well, I didn’t have any cedarwood oil on me. Yet, she said that she had smelled it. We were both pleased to know that the aroma of cedarwood was still active in her meditation because her mind had made the connection with her physical experience of smelling the essential oil. Lois “remembered” the aroma. She went on to say that the smell of cedarwood means a lot to her. She and her husband used to enjoy walks in the forest together before his passing last year. The essential oil and her memory of cedarwood always brought back a feeling of closeness to him.

Essential oils help to show us the way to our own personal miracles. Remembering happy moments and relaxing times, soothing the wounds of grief or despair, easing tense muscles, or feeling revitalized despite the mid-afternoon blahs – these are feelings that manifest as physical relief when we connect on a deeper level to our spiritual selves.

There is a scientific reason as to why aromas and memories are related. However, I like the idea that these miracles are built-in for us to enjoy at any time. What experiences will you create when you begin to use essential oils? Which essential oils will come to mind when you become meditative? The benefits are real. I know that for Lois, the memories of joy brought back to her by cedarwood were a blessing.

To learn more aoil-dropbout essential oils and which ones I like for anyone to get started, please visit my website or contact me directly. I look forward to hearing from you!