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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Your Emotional Immune System

emotional immune systemModern medicine may have no shine when it comes to what you can actually do on your own to support good health. Really! We call it your emotional immune system.

Scientists may not actually have a name for healing the emotions and healing the body through emotional health. However, it is becoming more recognized in medical communities that a person’s outlook on life, how they connect with animals, nature and other people, and how they think they feel may be more important in their recovery than was once believed.

Everything has a vibration. Scientists know that a healthy body vibrates within a narrow range. As a person’s vibration is lowered through stress, toxins, or poor nutrition, they become more susceptible to disease. Emotionally, you can help shift your vibration Here’s how.

Follow these tips to help support your emotional immune system and shift your vibration:

1. Start your day with positive thoughts. You may find this step pretty easy or you may have to dig deep. If your positive thoughts are hard to muster, borrow someone else’s! Read a motivational book or watch a funny or heart-warming movie. Laughter is great for raising your emotional vibration.

2. Eat foods as close to raw and natural as possible. Select organic fruits and vegetables. Avoid processed foods high in sugar and artificial ingredients. Natural foods have a higher vibration. Processed foods have a vibration of zero.

3. Detox and release. Both toxins and negative experiences not only have low vibrations, but they also trap you in a lower vibrational frequency. Actively pursue a physical detox cleanse at the same time you release the memories and grudges of negative experiences and emotions. Physical and emotional causes don’t have to stand in your way of good health.

4. Incorporate the use of gentle, pure, essential plant oils. These therapeutic oils bypass the physical awareness of low vibrational frequencies and bring you right up to a higher vibration almost immediately. The sense of smell triggers the limbic system in the body. This is important for the subtle, behind-the-scenes recovery we all want to achieve.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go this route alone. Here at Second Nature Healing we support you in your efforts toward a healthier lifestyle. Just join us for a class or workshop on our calendar. Our next workshop, Your Emotional Immune System, is coming soon – December 5, 2014.

Featured in our free workshop will be essential oils from Young Living:

Blue Cypress
White Angelica

 R.S.V.P. Rosemary


Preparing for the Worst in the Best Way

jasper heartsFirst I have to apologize for the title of this month’s newsletter. Something was tugging at me to go ahead and say it – while part of me knew that preparing for the worst is absolutely not on my radar. I mean that in a good way, of course!

There was a time in my life when I did think “gloom and doom”, especially after my mother passed away from the effects chemotherapy. I started to prepare for the worst. Doctors told me that because my mom had cancer I had a higher risk of getting cancer too. I faithfully had mammograms every year from the time I was 35 years old. I had two biopsies which were really unnecessary since they were not in the least indicative of trouble. I was living in fear, preparing for the worst. Then things changed.

Changing the Way We Think

Change didn’t happen immediately, nor did I realize I was changing. That’s right. I was the one who changed. I had been living in fear, making choices that were based on fear. I had trusted my doctors, but eventually began to question them a little more.

My family taught me a lot. I saw that my fear of infections and illness for my children led to an overuse of antibiotics which resulted in an allergic reaction to penicillin. I learned that commercially prepared dog food and a regimented vaccination schedule for my Ginger (yellow lab) was a mistake which led to diabetes and, eventually, cancer.

Nurture and Trust

Over the years I began to trust myself and become more aligned with natural alternatives – and nature itself. That’s why the image of beautiful Jasper heart crystals tops this months article. Jasper is a stone that reminds us to reconnect with nature and feel supported by the gifts the earth has to offer.

Emotional harmony has a lot to do with being well – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Is it then a good idea to seek out and actively pursue harmony in one’s life? How can you know if you are in harmony with nature? If you ‘re not there, how do you get there – without the extremes of medical intervention looming over you?

Physical and Emotional Immune System

Usually people talk about their immune systems when siting how often – or how infrequent – they become sick. A strong internal immune system is important for fighting the germs and bad cells that try to take hold, as they did with my mother. As I learned about natural alternatives to stay healthy and support my immune system I discovered that there was yet another piece to the puzzle – my Emotional Immune System.

Rather than preparing for the worst now, I look forward to harmonizing with the best. It’s really a completely different way of thinking. In fact, it does prepare me in a much better way for what may come. Follow my tips on supporting your emotional immune system here.