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Natural healing for animals is easier than you think. However, for some people, learning, or rather re-learning how to care for pets in a more natural way, may take a little effort. Before long you'll see the benefits as animals respond very well to natural alternatives.


"I met Rosemary through a mutual friend when my beloved dog Cosmo was in crisis with back/hip pain and near final stages of congestive heart failure.  Rosemary came to our house to meet with Cosmo and offer Reiki for him.  He Loved It!  But most amazingly, Cosmo was better the next day and for more than three weeks he was walking well and breathing so much better I couldn't help but tell everyone I saw about it.  It was Amazing!  I truly believe Rosemary's Reiki gave Cosmo many more days of happy life than he would have otherwise had." Barb R., Tigard, OR

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Why Use Natural Alternatives for Pets?

Though regular veterinary care is important to your pet's overall health, vet visits should probably only have to occur once per year for routine blood tests or check-ups.

What are you using for:

- parasite prevention and treatment?
- dental care?
- youthful aging and joint support?
- detoxification and good nutrition?

Natural alternatives not only provide year-round support for your pet's health, but also save money and heartache.


Animal Reiki

animal Reiki

Did you know that Reiki for animals really works?

Energy healing channels higher vibrations to bring your pet into alignment with good health. Use Reiki to:

- relieve stress and pain

- promote relaxation

- release physical and emotional trauma

- reduce critical symptoms

- ease transition

- Reiki is good for people too



Pet Nutrition

Did you know that proper pet nutrition has a lot to do with supporting a healthy immune system? Supporting the immune system can also mean better health for your animals - healthier joints, fewer infections and less digestive distress.


Fleas are attracted to animals with a poor functioning immune system. Rather than add harsh chemicals, natural alternatives can not only repel fleas, they can also allow your pet to never attract them in the first place!




Aromatherapy for Pets


Did you know that pure, therapeutic grade essential oils can help calm anxiety in your pet, offer a natural option for flea treatment, promote healing from trauma and injuries and support over all health?


Medication may not be necessary at all if you learn a few basics.






Animal Zeolite for Detox



Did you know that signs of aging might really be signs of toxicity?

Natural detox is easy and affordable. In fact, you can't afford not to detox.


We can help remove toxins that lead to more serious diseases. Ask me how.






The Warning Signs

Is your pet in trouble? Is your pet showing symptoms that may indicate deeper health issues? If you're feeling frustrated because your dog constantly sheds, has a "doggy" odor or itchy skin or food sensitivities, your frustration may switch to concern when you understand that these may be warning signs of bigger health issues such as cancer, diabetes and arthritis.


Contributing factors to a pet's poor health may be:

  • inadequate nutrition through their regular diet of processed foods
  • over exposure to toxins or accumulation of toxins over time (including household chemicals and garden chemicals)
  • over-vaccination
  • stress and trauma (accidents, injury, surgeries, abuse)


For a pet to stay healthy or regain health, understanding these warning signs is critical. Rather than switching to a prescription pet food or getting a new medicine which may mask symptoms but not offer healthy recovery, you could learn how to help your dog become healthier naturally.


Natural Health for Animals


Learn about naturally home prepared pet food. Cooked is ok. Raw may be better. Why?

Commercially prepared pet foods are loaded with fillers and less than quality protein. Even if essential nutrients are added, they are often over-processed and therefore lose their nutritional value. That pretty package may be deceiving.

Pet Supplements

Add supplements as needed. Does your pet need joint support or a little help for a healthy immune system? You might be aware of your pet's energy slowing down or see some stiffness. You can choose the right supplements now to help avoid medication later - drugs that may carry serious side-effects.



Learn more about natural detoxification. We know that we live in a toxic world. Is your pet polluted? Probably! Animals are exposed to more toxins than humans, simply by eating processed foods, walking barefoot through fertilizers and pesticides, inhaling chemicals from furniture and carpeting, and getting more vaccines than necessary. Now more than ever it is essential to detoxify your pets for maintenance and prevention. Remove the toxins that cause pet diseases like cancer, arthritis and aging.


Natural Alternatives for Pets

Seek out natural alternatives for prevention as well as to promote healing. Natural alternatives are gentle, derived from nature, and cause no harm. They are less invasive and more economical too! Natural pet health alternatives may include energy work such as Reiki, essential oils, and even animal communication.


Learn More About Natural Pet Health Alternatives Now

Natural Pet Health Alternatives is so important to our mission for total family health that we have created a special website devoted completely to pet health. Here you'll find the most important elements for pet health as well as the star of our mission to bring natural health to you. Our story began with our experience with our yellow lab. Ginger became diabetic at age six and developed life-threatening hemangiosarcoma at age 12 1/2. You can learn what we learned - that natural healing is possible.


Ginger's story grew into a network of people who are all about natural health for pets. Connect with us!

Read about Ginger and our success over pet cancer. Discover what we learned about Natural Pet Health.

Then call Rosemary for a free consultation.

*Disclaimer- The information on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  It is not intended as medical advice or to replace the advice or attention of health care professionals. You may wish to consult your physician before beginning or making changes in your diet, nutritional supplementation or exercise program. The statements on this web site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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