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Animal Healing and Soul Connections


Where Will Your Love of Animals and Nature Lead You?

You have deep roots of love and connection with your animals. Yet, a health crisis brings great concern.


You'll love My holistic approach to healing and recovery.


BALANCE & HARMONY for animals

Balance & Harmony Reiki healing sessions are 60 minutes long, in-person, in Portland, OR or over the phone worldwide. Receive intuitive counseling, energy healing, Chakra and system balance for your pet. More than one pet may be included in this session.

You'll receive an audio recording of your session(s) to listen to anytime.

Ask for a free consultation, then we'll discuss how we can work together to support your goals.


Option 1 - Unlimited

Unlimited Check-ins $97/month


Option 2 - Unleashed

Unlimited Check-ins PLUS

One-hour Balance & Harmony Session: $197


Option 3 - Ultimate

ADD A Customized Starter Kit to Any Choice.
Your Starter Kit May Include:
~ Detox
~ Immune Support
~ Essential Oil(s)
​~ Vital Mineral (spray)

Prices vary from $50 to $300 or more (plus shipping, tax, and handling.) An Invoice will be sent separately - or choose to purchase at wholesale. You decide!


When you select any option, you get (for free) my Course based on my book,

Heal Together, Natural Health Solutions for Animals and Their Humans.

(The link below takes you to my Pet website)

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Cancer, allergies, arthritis, diabetes, infections, injuries, and so many health challenges . . . you have hope, and you have me as a guide, offering natural healing solutions for you and your animals.

Your first conversation with me is free. Call me now to schedule your 15 minute consultation.












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Sound Healing Classes

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Awaken and enhance your natural healing abilities.

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Simple, powerful, natural healing for pets.