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Call Today:  (503) 747-3307
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Energy Healing Courses & Training

Because of COVID-19 and the current guidelines to maintain separation for safety prevail, traditional Reiki 1 & 2 classes as well as Sound Healing Phases 1-3 and Windhorse Spirit Shamanic Spiritual Mastery follow protocols for safe distancing, masks, and frequent breaks for hand washing.

Today’s Lightworkers will benefit greatly from a coaching program that asks them to BE more and DO more in the world . . . to CLAIM their brilliance AND get paid what they’re worth!

Become Clear

Most people get caught up in confusion, or swayed by other people’s opinions. They’re not grounded and only see ways they CAN’T do, be or have what they want. They’re stuck.

Becoming clear is a skill that can easily be learned. Once you know this, you’re on your way to becoming an expert in MANIFESTATION.


One of the hardest things people face is giving up something . . . like their perceptions of who they are. Real transformation – the kind that brings about manifestation – requires surrendering who you think you are to become the highest expression of your soul’s purpose.


In today’s culture we find ourselves distracted, plugged-in, and surrounded by electronic devices, media, news, and noise.

Experts in manifestation know that now, more than ever, it’s important to dis-connect from all that and re-connect to Nature and Spirit. This requires changing the way they prioritize their time, choices, and habits. That means developing skills to connect in more profound ways.


Did you ever take a class or start a project and then hit a dead end? More than learning something new, or discovering passion, experts in manifestation know that REAL RESULTS come when they INTEGRATE new ideas and habits.

Taking action brings them to a HIGHER level of manifestation FASTER . . . and EFFORTLESSLY.

Get Certified and MANIFEST Your Soul’s Purpose

Reiki Classes

second nature healing reiki classes and certification

Empower yourself with self-healing, hands-on healing and distant reiki healing techniques, integrated with shamanic healing tools and ancient wisdom. Learn and practice Reiki attunement through comprehensive and integrative Reiki classes that open you to the flow of spiritual energy healing.

Certifications available for Reiki I&II Integrative classes.

Advanced Reiki

advanced healing classes second nature healing

Learn advanced spiritual energy healing and training.

What’s the next step? Learning fulfills the innate desire we all have to dream, to create, and to BE more. Join us for classes and workshops that support you on your journey.

Certification available for Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki® Master, and Reiki Master Teacher.

Sound Healing

learn sound healing CEUs

Sound healing with Solfeggio frequencies helps bring us into a state of grace and unconditional love where we recognize the perfection and wholeness of each person. We are created whole and perfect beings. Get amazing results using these powerful tuning forks with the SomaEnergetics Vibrational Sound Techniques.

Certifications available for Sound Healing Phases I, II, and III and the SOMA Sonic Series.

Windhorse Spirit Shamanic Spiritual Mastery

The practices of shamanism and energy healing come together to bring you ancient wisdom integrated with heightened spirituality. The result is a healing practice and way of living that allows us to step lightly on the planet, becoming more consciously aware of the subtleties of spiritual energies emanating from Earth and her inhabitants.

advanced spiritual mastery

Certification of Completion for Windhorse Spirit Shamanic Spiritual Mastery.

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