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Your Emotional Immune System

selfcareAre you always the one to get sick at the first sign of cold season? Do allergies plague your summer days? Is there something slowing you down, taking your energy? If so, you may want to assess your emotional immune system, and find out what illness, allergies, and lack of energy have in common.

What is the Emotional Immune System?

The immune system is a complex interaction of cellular communication, detoxification,and  organ and cell activation within the body. You might first think of the white blood cells as the immune system’s army. However, the immune system encompasses much more than that! Your skin is the first physical line of defense against germs, but the kidneys, liver, bones, lungs, and intestines also contribute to immune defenses. Physically, you’re set when it comes to managing the germs.

Emotionally, however, the immune system relies heavily on your positive thoughts, good attitude, ability to release stress, sleep soundly, and lifestyle. It’s actually your emotions that trigger an immune response. When you’re stressed, your body produces stress hormones like cortisol. Cortisol is made in the adrenal glands and acts to suppress the immune system. As a result, it’s easier to succumb to germs that normally wouldn’t phase you. It allows your sinuses to to get clogged, rashes to form, and energy to weaken.

What Strengthens the Emotional Immune System?

Your best action for good health is to reduce any kind of stress on the body. That includes physically reducing toxins (such as heavy metals), as well as promoting stress relieving activities. You’re probably aware of many of these stress-relieving techniques. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Detox heavy metals with an oral chelator.
  • Eat a whole foods diet – avoid processed foods.
  • Get a massage, go for acupuncture, or schedule a Reiki session.
  • Apply or diffuse essential oils that work to calm emotions and support vitality.

Ask for a free consultation. I can assess you for your particular needs and customize a program for you to help support your emotional immune system.

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10 Ways to Develop Clairvoyance in Everyday Life

Are You Clairvoyant?

It’s a matter of vision when we refer to the clarity of what you see with your eyes. However, there’s a different kind of “seeing” that touches upon the psychic realm. Clairvoyance is a skill that today might be defined as seeing what isn’t visible, having psychic abilities, or the ability to see the dead. It all sounds kind of eerie, doesn’t it? We tend to fear what we don’t understand. Not only fearing the unknown, but also blocking intuitive abilities might mean you’re denying yourself a wonderful clairvoyant experience.

I’d like to shed new light and a new perspective on what clairvoyance really is, and demonstrate that we all possess clairvoyant abilities that can be developed more acutely with practice.

What is Clairvoyance?

In the 17th Century, clairvoyance literally meant “clear vision” or “clear-sighted”. It wasn’t until the 19th century that clairvoyance became associated with psychic or extra-sensory abilities. Much earlier than that, however, dreams, visions, messages from spirit, prophesies, and divination had a place among the people. In small communities and indigenous cultures, the ability to read the signs, interpret omens, or understand life came from a strong connection to nature.

Today, we’re a culture that relies heavily on electronics, wiring, and modern technology – television and computer screens, smart phones, and other hand-held devices. We live in climate-controlled buildings with wires in the walls, man-made materials off-gassing chemicals all around us. We sleep with an alarm, and drive huge machines that have the ability to go much faster and farther than one can run. We are all blessed – and cursed – with a world of convenience, manipulated to our specifications. It’s no wonder that we feel disconnected from nature and even disconnected from our own peaceful thoughts.

Clairvoyance is a natural gift that allows one to be present with oneself – mindful of what it feels like to breathe fully, sleep peacefully, and live in health. The gift of “clear sight” means that you can see through a camouflage of deception, welcome the day with gratitude for all that is to come, and be guided in your many choices to act with purpose and integrity.

The Clairvoyant Experience

If you ever had a dream that seemed real, or a vision that became true, you probably were having a clairvoyant experience. You might not have given much thought to it, and went about your day in the usual manner. If your dream or vision was someone who had passed away, or a foretelling of an incident that manifested, it might have scared you and discouraged you from developing your gift.

The clairvoyant experience doesn’t have to be profound, life-changing, or obvious. These experiences exist as little nudges, ideas, imagination, and dreams. They are meant to connect us more closely to our natural world. They go beyond the physical world by joining us to the Spirit that lives in everyone and in everything.

Shamanism and Clairvoyance

As an intuitive healer, I have developed my clairvoyant abilities over my many years as a Reiki Master and Shaman. Meditation, along with Reiki, helped me remember how to BE in the world, and reconnect with the spiritual nature and life force in everything. The indigenous cultures of the world refer to this intuitive practice as Shamanism. Very simply, a Shaman “walks between the worlds” of what is seen (visible) and what is unseen (invisible). A Shaman uses clairvoyance through journeying, among other tools, to see and know what is needed for healing, learning from guides in “other worlds” to provide assistance in the healing process.

Developing Your Clairvoyant Abilities

Getting started is easy. Devoting your life to your intuitive abilities and to a life of healing takes time and persistence, as well as passion and an open heart. One can develop clairvoyance and not become a healer. I chose to become initiated into the healing arts with Reiki and practiced constantly in order to develop clairvoyance. To me, they are now inseparable. In fact, along with clairvoyance, I’ve developed other intuitive abilities including clairaudience, clairsentience, and channeling.

To help you begin, I recommend this “get started” list. Try as many as possible, and don’t give up. Also, don’t try too hard. Get out of your “thinking” mind and into the dreamlike world that brings you peace.

  1. Practice yoga. The peaceful movements and body positions connect all aspects of you – body, mind, soul.
  2. Practice meditation. Some people find meditation difficult because they have trouble turning off their brains. They’re consumed with thoughts and worries. However, the more you practice, the easier it becomes. Start with a meditation minute and gradually increase the time – every day, if possible.
  3. Breathe. Become aware of your breath. Take deep breaths, shallow breaths, belly breaths, and even hold your breath. The more you become aware of your breath, the more you become involved with connecting to the feeling of meditative breathing.
  4. Take the moment. Right when you wake up (without an alarm, preferably), or just as you’re falling asleep, notice the peaceful, dreamlike messages that come through. By the way, this is a great time to ask a question. Be prepared to get an answer!
  5. Journal. Write down your dreams, coincidences, feelings, and situations that help provide “proof” that you’re intuitive.
  6. Walk in nature. Hike, dance, stroll, and lay on the grass, the beach, or the mountain. Becoming grounded is essential to developing intuition and clairvoyance.
  7. Change your mind. Be open to the possibility that you are intuitive and you can develop your clairvoyant abilities.
  8. Use healing tools. Work with crystals and essential oils. Use smudge (burn sage) and clear your space of physical junk as well as emotional garbage. When you have a clean space, both energetically and physically, you have a better place to nurture your gifts.
  9. Become attuned to Reiki. Learn the practice of Reiki. Reiki opens up your connection to Spirit and teaches you the basics of energetic self-care, chakra balancing, and hands-on-healing for others.
  10. Make a list of your ideas, wishes, good thoughts, and what you want to bring to the world. Your ideas and wishes become reality. Clairvoyance will help guide you and help you connect to your personal visions.

 Second Nature Healing Center

At my healing center, we offer Integrative Shamanic Reiki Classes and a program that helps you recognize and develop your intuitive abilities. Join us for classes and our unique Shamanic Apprentice Program.

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Rosemary Levesque, D.D.Rosemary Levesque

Reiki Master, Shaman

Author, Heal Together – Natural Health Solutions for Animals and Their Humans

8 Affirmations for Balance, Health, Love and Prosperity in Your Life

The Irrefutable Rules of Personal Energy

What makes living your day worthwhile? Family? Work? Compassion toward others? A sense of purpose? If you’re struggling to find meaning in your life, it could mean, very simply, that your personal energy is out of balance.

Do you find yourself saying that things are going badly, or that you feel miserable? It’s okay to acknowledge that. However, repeating those feelings and saying those negative statements can actually become ingrained into your physical, emotional, and spiritual body. Your mind believes what you tell it. Your mind won’t argue with you. What you tell your mind becomes irrefutable.  You could become stuck in self-deprecating energy. What if you could shift that just a little so that you fed your mind “good” thoughts instead?

What Are Affirmations?

Affirmations are words and ideas we use to help bring personal energy back into alignment with Source energy. By saying positive words such as the ones suggested here, even if you don’t believe them 100%, something magical happens. Your mind begins to take your affirmations as truth. What may have been off-balance before the affirmations gradually becomes a natural part of your day.

Affirmations and Chakras

Your body’s personal energy is a magnificent matrix of spinning whirls of high frequencies that can actually be measured, sensed, and enhanced. These energies are referred to as chakras. Each chakra has a color associated with it – an actual frequency and sensation that manifests physically as well as emotionally in your body. For example, if your root chakra is weak, you may not feel safe, or you may have issues with financial security, feeling ungrounded and insecure.

Try saying these affirmations daily while visualizing the colors for each chakra.

Chakra balance


7. I am divinely protected and guided.

6. I am clear. I am open to my intuition.

5. I speak truthfully and trust my creativity.

4. I forgive myself and others, opening my heart to love.

3. I am worthy. I am confident.

2. I am loved. I am enough.

1. I am safe and secure. I have everything I need.

8. I release everything that no longer serves me.

Chakra Magic Workshop

It’s possible to begin to heal yourself, enhance your energy, and bring about balance, health, love, and prosperity in your life. We’ve put together an amazing workshop series for you, one that is affordable, fun, and productive! We hope you can join us. Learn more about Chakra Healing and Chakra Magic here.

Contact Rosemary directly with your questions, or to get on the list for all of our Reiki training classes and healing workshops.

Emotional Causes of Pain and Disease

What’s the connection between headaches and stress? How about knee pain and ego? Though many doctors have addressed the underlying issues of pain – injury, poor diet, overuse, inflammation, drug side-effects, progression of degenerative disease, etc. – it’s becoming more evident that pain may run deeper than the more obvious causes may reveal.

The Deep Zone of Pain

The issue of pain has become one of the most studied, and most expensive, health challenges today. Though people may find temporary relief with over-the-counter medications, the roots of pain – and what causes pain – go much deeper than we suspect. It’s in this “deep zone” of pain that I believe we can finally find relief and freedom from pain. What’s in the “deep zone”? Past trauma, stress, guilt, blame, resentment, inability to forgive and let go, inability to make decisions, lack of confidence, or inability to express yourself truthfully, cause pain that runs deeply with emotions. Even physical trauma can stay a long time within the cells, after the body apparently heals, only to reveal itself once again as pain later in life.

The Good Part of Pain

Pain is a natural mechanism the body uses to get your attention. The first thing you do when you bump your shin is to perhaps put your hand over the hurt. Pain helps you recognize and attend to your injury, offering signals that keep your mind on protecting the area from further hurt, using bandages, if needed, or avoiding additional physical stress to the area while your body heals.

In the same way that we pay attention to physical injury and pain, we must also recognize emotional trauma as a cause of chronic, physical pain. Now we may begin to view chronic pain as an opportunity to heal more deeply, beyond the tangible signs.

Chronic Pain and Disease

Where and when does pain begin? Where do you hold your pain? What sustains pain? Many of us have more questions than answers at this point. Pain that lasts more than 3 months is considered chronic pain. After injury, or another cause for pain, the body is expected to heal. Pain that persists could signal that physical healing is still at work (bones take longer to heal than skin, for example). Honor the healing process with time and rest. However, when chronic pain persists, it may be a sign that dis-ease (or disharmony) has manifested into physical form. Fortunately, there are natural solutions available to you to assist you in your healing process.

Vibrational Wellness

Everything has energy – everything IS energy. The particles that make up our physical bodies, the forgotten spaces between the particles, our thoughts and intentions, sound, light, and scents all vibrate in an attempt to harmonize with earth and the Universe. Science shows us that everything has a frequency (a measured vibration). When we come into alignment with harmony, we allow healing to take place.

What is harmony? Imagine for a moment that you feel peaceful, serene, connected to All That Is, Spirit, God – your highest and most wonderful possible state of being. That’s harmony. When one voice sings, others join in to copy the same vibration. When one tuning fork vibrates, it causes other tuning forks near it to also vibrate. When healthy cells vibrate, they stir a healthy vibration in the body that brings about harmony. There are many more healthy cells in the body than there are unhealthy cells. Yet when people feel pain and the effects of disease, they give their attention and their power to pain and disease.

Might disharmonious vibrations cause pain and disease? I believe so. The stress from perceived burdens shows up as shoulder pain. Grief from divorce, separation, and death has been shown to manifest as breast cancer or heart disease. Choking back your thoughts and inability to express yourself truthfully feels restrictive to the body and can manifest as neck pain, difficulty breathing, anxiety, and pain in the jaw (TMJ). According to Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief, we are not our genes, but rather a manifestation of thoughts interacting with our environment. If health is more about harmony than disharmony, then we can look at health as vibrational wellness.

How To Change Your Vibration

The benefits of “good vibes” may be seen and felt immediately. For example, a smile and a hug tends to bring about a similar response, whereas anger and aggression bring about feelings of defense or escape. Which action is the one that offers healing energy? Much like smiles and hugs, laughter, deep breathing, beautiful sounds, etc., bring us closer to harmony – that vibration that resonates with our wellbeing.

Harmonious vibrations have many benefits:

  • bring oxygen into the cells
  • help destroy viruses and germs
  • stimulate circulation
  • help us recall pleasant memories and feelings
  • soothe and relax
  • offer a better environment for sleep
  • stimulate cell regeneration
  • improve body defences
  • change our outlook on life
  • improve attitude and productivity

How do we change our vibration? Here at Second Nature Healing, we offer a holistic approach to integrating vibrational wellness. We offer the entire assortment every time, because everyone responds so beautifully to the combination and protocol I’ve assembled.

  • Reiki – This global method of healing and relaxation is as effective in remote sessions as in person.
    Guided Intuitive Messages from Spirit – let Spirit be your guide with your transformational healing.
  • Aromatherapy – Essential oils chosen specifically for you during your session. Remote sessions also use essential oils as needed. More information is available in our follow-up work.
  • Sound Healing – Special Solfeggio tuning forks of the highest quality are used in your etheric field and on your body for an ultimate relaxation experience.
  • Crystals – Placed on you, in the room and/or under the table to assist in energy flow and balance. (if you have a remote session, I send you an image of the crystals we used to hold the energy for you as you further your integration and transformation)
  • Nutritional Supplements – The right supplements help change the vibration of your physical and emotional body by integrating with cells. They allow cells and body tissues to become healthier. . . a beautiful and simple way to increase vibrational wellness.

Call now for a free consultation or schedule an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you.


Truth or Fear – What Guides Your Actions?

Transformational EnrichmentI thought I had it all figured out. Little did I know that Spirit had a different plan in place for me. My guidance came in fragments, and I worked hard to discern the truth about my place in this world. Oh, I knew what I was doing. I am a healer, Reiki Master and Intuitive channel, guided by Spirit. (serious tone) However, after more than a year and a half of uncertainty, ungrounded living, inconvenience, and fear-based decisions, I finally surrendered to Spirit and found my truth. In the end, it was Black Wolf who sent me a most powerful message.

We put our house on the market for the first time in May 2014 after deciding that Florida was the place to be. The preparation involved in preparing a house to sell was a huge undertaking as we purged 25 years of stuff from our space – the kids toys, extra furniture, clothes hiding in closets and drawers, useful things in the garage closets, and extra sets of dishes, towels, linens, and more. You get the idea. We had saved so many things that were functional, yet forgotten – all of which clogged the flow of energy in our house.

The reasons for moving seemed simple – better weather, easier lifestyle, happier husband . . . none of which were true. As nice as the beach is, Florida has humidity and bugs, snakes and other dangers for my dog. Practicing Reiki might also have been a challenge since the state calls Reiki a form of massage which requires a license. Also, was happiness for anyone really dependent upon a change of address? Maybe my investigation needed more work.

A trip to the desert in February opened my thoughts to the opportunity to live in a desert environment and we explored the option of living in Sedona, Arizona. If you haven’t seen the red rocks and felt the beautiful energy there, I recommend taking a trip. In May we flew to Arizona to see Sedona as a possible home for us. We climbed the red rocks to experience the different vortexes, which also provided glorious views. We hiked along ancient paths and spent a long time feeling the energy of the petroglyphs and native dwellings. We viewed many homes in the hope of finding our place to live and work. In the end, we didn’t feel at home and left early to return to Portland.

Black Wolf

black wolfSuddenly we were anxious about the possibility of getting an offer on our house. We didn’t feel like we would have a place to go. My anxiety became evident in a dream where I felt a little confused and encumbered by stress and decisions that needed to be made. I walked outside (in my dream) to a darkened street where I was met with the shining yellow eyes of a black wolf. In an instant, Wolf was charging toward me. I felt myself fall backward in surrender, expecting the pain from being torn apart. Instead, Wolf jumped clear over my head and stood as defender and protector for a force that leered behind me.

I felt a sense of Peace wash over me, soothed now that Black Wolf stood beside me. What I had feared most was the unknown, trying to find something outside myself that would create happiness, comfort, and security. As I surrendered to Spirit, I became more in alignment with All That Is.

Black Wolf is a powerful totem and guide for Spirit workers. Protector, Speaker of Truth, Guide through Darkness, and Companion all describe Wolf energy. If Wolf appears to you, meditate with wolf energy to discern messages specific to you and your questions.

Energy Shifts into Alignment

We began to look at our home in Portland a little differently. My husband suggested that I completely take over the living room and dining room space for my work – a nice shift in energy from him (thank you vortexes). I created more space for Reiki classes by adding another sofa and a second beautiful shadowbox coffee table to hold more crystals. My other crystals – geodes, clusters, raw and polished gem specimens such as labradorite, quartz, amethyst, and tourmaline I use for healing came out of their hiding places (stashed out-of-sight as we showed our house on the market). I removed the dining room table to create a permanent space for my healing table, essential oils, and tuning forks. You’ll have to come by to experience the new Reiki space!

Since then, my daughter and I have developed a Shamanic Reiki Apprentice program and are officially creating a new site to showcase our work together as Reiki Masters, teachers, and Shamans. Our excitement continues to grow as we move forward with creating a larger version of of work, to reach more people, create more classes, and support our clients and students in their growth and development.

Decisions based on fear never work. Only Truth and alignment to Spirit provides us with answers to the tough questions  that surround safety and security (root chakra), being able to make decisions and trust one’s actions (solar plexus chakra), and knowing that you are guided by Spirit (third eye chakra).

We’re here in Portland to stay. Please join us for Reiki classes or schedule a private Integrative Reiki session. We teach like we practice and include all of the energy healing modalities to support you in your spiritual journey toward health, balance, and well being.







What Makes Our Reiki Classes Different?

20151024_164003Our classes are taught by two Reiki Masters with a combined experience of more than twenty years. Rosemary Levesque and her daughter, Michelle Levesque, bring you dedicated Reiki training with an easy approach to using Reiki techniques as a natural part of your lifestyle. We’ve highlighted a few of the most important aspects of what makes our Reiki classes different – unique and special.

1. Reiki Evolves – are you ready to evolve with it?

Over the years of teaching Reiki classes, one fact shines true. Reiki is an intelligent energy . . . and it is evolving. We have the opportunity to evolve with it. Inspired and guided by Spirit, we bring to you now an Integrative Enrichment Program of Integrative Reiki classes and healing workshops designed to help you learn and use Reiki healing.

2. Less Talking, More Doing

We’ve prepared a study guide for you that will help you prepare for class. There’s no need to try to learn everything all at once. We know it can feel overwhelming to try to remember everything! Our study guide stays with you and becomes a handy resource. Class time is spent on actual Reiki attunement and practice.

3. More Than “Just” Reiki

We’ve streamlined the educational aspect of traditional Reiki classes and integrated more of the healing tools proven to be most effective for developing your sensitivity to healing energies as well as your intuitive abilities. We fondly refer to our work as Reiki Plus. Formally, though, we call it Shamanic Reiki with Integrative Spiritual Enrichment – a combination of traditional Usui/Tibetan Reiki training, Shamanic concepts, and vibrational healing concepts. Our workshops are a natural complement to Reiki, and are seamlessly built into your class time.

4. One Day Certification

Because we understand how important it is for you to feel confident, we devote extensive training to developing your sensitivity and awareness. Reiki 1 is just the first step, integrating the basics of crystals, essential oils, meditation, and so much more. . . all in one day. You’ll feel “full” of divine love and wisdom.

5. Reiki For Personal or Business Use

Our extensive training helps build confidence and competence as Reiki healers – whether you choose to learn Reiki only for personal use, or to develop a Reiki practice. We provide resources, and a Reiki community through social media (our secret facebook group for our students only). In addition, we become your mentors for life – as long as you stay with us, we stay with you.

6. An Opportunity to Grow

What’s better than Reiki 1? The next step. We provide an extensive training program that includes Reiki 2, Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, Shamanic practices, Sound Healing, and more. We can help support you as you move through life choices involving Reiki training and integrative healing.

7. Apprentice Training

Learning continues with our apprentice programs. Reiki classes can stand alone, or when you feel ready for more, we have more to offer. Try our Shamanic Apprentice classes and Sound Healing classes . . . we’re ready when you are!

8. Extra Income Streams

We know how important it is to feel stable, and grounded. Financially, you could use a little extra income. We can show you some options with the tools that naturally support your work.

Register Now for Reiki classes in Portland, OR. We’re honored to be a part of your journey.

9. Real Healing For Life Challenges

Cancer? Diabetes? Arthritis? Life crisis? We’ve been there. Our experience includes support for natural healing and recovery. You don’t have to make decisions based on fear. What we’ve learned, we actively share so you can benefit from our experience.

10. Really Make a Difference Helping People

Are you passionate about helping people? Learning Reiki is the foundation for health and healing on all levels – physical, emotional, and spiritual. We support you so you can do Reiki on yourself and for every member of your family . . . friends too.

11. Reiki For Animals Too

Animals love Reiki. We understand their needs and know how to support their health and recovery.

12. Intuitive Training

We encourage you to trust your intuition and develop your sensitivity. You can become more skilled at psychic awareness with our training and mentoring.

Learn more about our Reiki program.

Register Now for one of our Reiki classes.

Sound Healing with Tuning Forks

Sound healing, though used for centuries, is now coming to the forefront of vibrational therapies for effecting change in the body, to support normal body function, and manifest healing in gentle, non-invasive ways. I introduce to you SOMAenergetics.

Tuning forks with the Solfeggio frequencies are now offered as a standard practice at my healing center. Learn more below, and check out these amazing tuning forks here.


Principles Behind SOMAenergetics

By David Hulse, CMSTT

As a student of “A Course In Miracles” in the late 80’s, I was faced with a dichotomy in the idea that we are not a body.  I never understood this statement fully until I began to study Quantum Physics which tells us that everything is energy and matter is not as solid as we perceive it to be.  I believe what is stated is that at the deepest level we are not separate, as a body, as a spirit, as a soul — we are just energy-beings.

Quantum physics has found that there is no empty space in the human cell, but it is a teaming, electromagnetic field of possibility or potential.” Deepak Chopra

Let’s take a look at the idea of ice, water and steam.  All 3 are water at different temperatures.  Steam, with its molecules far apart, is the most etheric.  As the molecules come closer together and the temperature lowers, we get water.  And finally, as the temperature drops below 32 degrees and the molecules bind, we get ice.  Think of this principle with energy in regard to spirit, soul and body with the body being the most dense form of energy.

Now let’s look at the seven auric fields that energetically make up our physical body. Most of us have been taught that the body has an aura.  I come from the premise that the aura has (is) a body!   The furthest field out is the ketheric (crown) which is the least dense (steam) and holds the perfect blueprint for our physical body (ice).  As we work our way to the physical body we go through other fields that store our experiences, beliefs, and emotions, becoming denser along the way.  As the blueprint of the ketheric moves down through these other fields, the perfect blueprint – which is never lost, but held in the ketheric field – is changed to something less than perfection – forming an inferior body.  As we come to the field closest to the physical body, there is an interface that takes place between the etheric and the physical.  This interface between these two fields is what we work with in the Phase 1 Energy Vitality Technique.

Science is now making it increasingly clear that it is possible to therapeutically impact physical and emotional issues by affecting the subtle energy bodies which are in dynamic equilibrium with the physical body.  According to Dr. Richard Gerber in Vibrational Medicine the etheric body is a subtle-energy template that guides the development of the physical body.  Distortions in the etheric template may be a prediction of illness months prior to it becoming manifest in the physical body.  Working with the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies, in the form of Energy Tuners, we can detect distortions in the etheric field and using 5th dimensional energy, allow the client the opportunity to let go, re-pattern the distortion, and change the anticipated physical outcome.  This makes SomaEnergetics preventive work and complimentary to other modalities.

The Birth of SomaEnergetics

As I approached 2000, I received a life-changing choice during meditation: Do I want to work with what is breaking-down or what is breaking-through?  I chose break-through!  As new energy systems break-through, old energy systems break-down. This concept intensified my accelerating interest and research into the lost frequencies of the ancient Solfeggio which served as the Spirit-guided catalyst for the idea of bringing these tones back into use. I shared the frequencies with a musician friend who decided that she would like to experiment with these frequencies in the form of meditation music.  Through her I obtained a set of tuning forks calibrated to the Solfeggio frequencies and began my research.

During my travels across the country, I began to notice that people resonated with the information about these powerful frequencies. They asked me to use the tuning forks on them. Spurred on by these requests and inspired by the profound experiences people were reporting, I collected additional research which resulted in my development of a specific method to use these amazing frequencies. My method of using these tuning forks appeared to help individuals optimize their energy, giving them an enhanced sense of well-being by facilitating the release and stimulating the flow of blocked or stagnant energy.

As a result, my reputation grew as one of the original developers of therapeutic tuning forks ‘tuned’ to the same frequencies as the ancient Solfeggio tones.  Following my dedication, commitment, and belief in the power of these ancient frequencies, I developed and founded SomaEnergetics at the turn of the century.  I put much thought into this name, combining the Greek Word soma, meaning ‘body’ with energetics, to reflect the ‘wholistic’ idea of the body as a vibrant energy field.  I firmly believe that these sacred tones actually serve as a “vibrational bridge” to wholistic reintegration of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the individual.  With interest growing, SomaEnergetics workshops were developed to teach and empower people to discover and use these long lost frequencies to enhance their lives on all levels.

Our purpose is not to be their ‘Healer,’ but to assist them in knowing who they are and in connecting with their inherent ability of the body to heal itself. We provide a non-judgmental atmosphere, a sacred space, for the purpose of healing. Old paradigms dictate that information should be kept among professionals. The new paradigm challenges us to share information that can empower the client.

I do believe this is the beginning of a new way in which we can bypass the resistance of the human ego and its powerful belief systems. I see natural healing therapies moving in the direction of using frequencies therapeutically as we head further into the 21st century.  This view is corroborated, in the book Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber, M.D.

“Vibrational healing methods represent new ways of dealing with illness. Practitioners of subtle-energy medicine attempt to correct dysfunction in the human organism by manipulating invisible yet integral levels of human structure and function.  Healing at the level of human subtle energy anatomy is predicated upon the new physics understanding that all matter is, in fact, a manifestation of energy. As science and technology evolve to make that which was formerly unseen visible, more scientists and physicians will be forced to change their viewpoint about the extended nature of human beings…”

I invite you to be a partner with me as we take this adventure together…

David Hulse, September 2011

How Animals Help Us Heal

The answer to healing may be as simple as petting your bunny, snuggling with your dog, hugging your horse, or playing with your cat. Stress has been proven to not only interfere with healing, but also cause or trigger diseases in people of all ages. Finding time to reconnect with animals changes how you feel, and lets loose your inner child. I’ve included several endearing videos to offer opportunities for you to remember your love of animals to help you heal.

Positive lifestyle changes could reverse aging on a cellular level

This article is from the American Heart Association blog. Life Is Why TM

September 17, 2013

Comprehensive lifestyle changes could increase the length of telomeres, the ends of chromosomes that control cell aging, according to a pilot study published in The Lancet Oncology. The findings may lead to a better understanding of how lifestyle changes could reverse aging on a cellular level.

Telomeres are DNA-protein complexes at the end of chromosomes that help protect and stabilize cells as wells as affect how quickly they age. As telomeres become shorter and their structural integrity weakens, cells age and die more quickly.

Telomere length is an indication of biological age. Shorter telomere length is associated with an increased risk of premature death and age-related diseases, including cardiovascular disease, many forms of cancer, vascular dementia, obesity, osteoporosis, infectious diseases and diabetes.

Professor Dean Ornish and colleagues at the Preventive Medicine Research Institute and the University of California, San Francisco, compared two small groups of men diagnosed with low-risk prostate cancer and who had not undergone conventional treatments with surgery or radiation. The study group of 10 men made lifestyle changes like adopting a whole foods plant-based diet, moderate exercise and stress management techniques. The control group of 25 men didn’t make any lifestyle changes.

Researchers measured the length of the participants’ telomeres at the start of the study and after five years. Telomere length increased significantly — by an average of 10 percent — in the group that made lifestyle changes, but decreased by an average of 3 percent in the control group.  And the more the participants made positive lifestyle changes, the greater their telomeres increased in length.

“The study provides promising evidence that five years of intensive lifestyle changes in the areas of diet, physical activity, stress reduction and social support can reverse a biomarker of aging, namely telomere length,” said Donna Arnett, Ph.D., professor and chair of the Department of Epidemiology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health.

She noted that the study was small and that there was a large drop-out rate, so the results should be interpreted with caution.

“We have known that adopting Life’s Simple 7 is strongly protective for cardiovascular disease and stroke,” said Arnett, who is also past president of the American Heart Association. “The study shows that adopting a healthy lifestyle can actually reverse a well-studied biomarker of aging, namely telomere length. That’s great news because it suggests that it is never too late to adopt a healthy lifestyle.”

How to Lengthen Your Telomeres

Today we know that diet, exercise, and stress reduction may not be enough to slow the process of telomere shortening. However, there’s good news when it comes to how easily you can directly work with your body to support your telomeres. We now have an affordable supplement that is proven to activate the telomerase gene. The result for you can be not only a slowing down of telomere shortening, but also a potential to increase telomere length.

IsaGenix leads the way in telomere support with their ground-breaking supplement, IsaGenesis.

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What’s Aging You?

Misconceptions About Health

natural healthWhen it comes to health, some people prefer to go the medical/drug/surgery route. They entrust their “health care” to the doctors who really aren’t trained in “health”.
Of course, there’s a time and place for medical care – but who’s responsible for your health day-to-day? That’s where misconceptions about health begin. My short list isn’t for everyone, but it might be for you – if you ever need it. They aren’t in any particular order.

I’ve added a “Solutions” section at the end. Feel free to add your comments.

Misconception #1 – You’re fine until you’re not

How do you answer the casual question – “How are you?” You might say that you’re hanging in there, or you might say that you’re fine. You could be “fine” and living with little annoyances, such as allergies, headaches, joint aches, lack of consistent, restful sleep, etc. These symptoms may even be managed by over-the-counter medications. However, I see these symptoms as warning signs of something brewing. You might not be “fine”, and when a serious diagnosis becomes known, you may wonder how that could have happened to you . . . all of a sudden.

Misconception #2 – If your immune system is acting up, suppress it.

This misconception about health may be a pet peeve of mine. Speaking truthfully, it baffles me that in the case of allergies, arthritis, inflammation, and other auto-immune diseases, a popular treatment is to suppress the immune system. Yet,  we need our immune system to be functioning optimally to help prevent the most disturbing health challenges today – especially cancer, heart disease, and infectious diseases. In addition, consider the side effects of drug therapy . . . malignancy, toxicity, inability to fight infections, and drug interactions. If you are on immunosuppressive drugs, here’s a resource for you.

Misconception #3 – Supplements are harmful and often ineffective.

I agree that many supplements are ineffective – especially the hard “pill” type supplements that don’t easily dissolve in the body. They become “potty pellets” and can actually be seen in sewage. Also, some supplements are made from synthetic ingredients. Vitamin C, for example, in synthetic form is called ascorbic acid. In order to be somewhat effective, it has to be taken in high doses. But in high doses, there are also side effects that can be harmful, such as interfering with the action of specific enzymes in the body, killing beneficial bacteria in the gut, or even leading to thickening of artery walls.

Many carefully chosen, whole foods supplements can actually provide a lot of benefit, and even physical relief, especially in cases where poor diet is an issue.

Misconception #3 – Choosing “organic” isn’t necessary.

Not only is choosing organic (foods) necessary, but we should all go the extra mile in choosing foods that are non-GMO (not genetically modified), and, in the case of fish, not farmed. Careful watch on the world of pesticides and farming shows us that 80% of our body burden (toxins in our body) comes from what we ingest – like foods laden with pesticides, polluted or contaminated water, and intentional eating of processed foods with toxins such as preservatives, dyes, synthetics, and other additives.

Misconception #4 – Taking care of yourself is selfish

As nurturers, we like to take care of others, often at our own expense. Stress takes a toll on our physical and emotional health, so the time to really take care of your health is every day – before you run out of energy yourself. Guilt can play a big roll in how you feel about taking time for your own health care. Do you deserve to take some time off? Of course!

Natural Solutions to Support Your Health

1. Really know that you’re fine. Take a personal assessment to evaluate your sleep, daily activity, diet, skin tone, and weight. If you have trouble being objective, seek the help of a naturopathic doctor.

2. Support your immune system with whole foods nutrition. Certain “superfoods” are great for making sure you have the right ingredients to fight infections, keep your heart healthy, and stave off an invasion of mutated cells. . . especially medicinal mushroom supplements, concentrated green foods, and even essential oils (like clove and oregano.)

3. Take care of the basics of good health with real, organic, fresh, raw foods, fruits and vegetables. Minimize your exposure to toxins. Actively detoxify on a regular basis. (Learn more about detoxification with zeolite here).

The key to using supplements is to support normal body functions with ingredients that fortify health – like antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and concentrated superfoods (medicinal mushrooms, for example.) Learn more about nutritional supplements here.

4. Taking time off is only part of the picture. It’s best to create habits that support relaxation and stress relief. Find time to meditate, practice yoga, or learn Reiki for stress relief. Exercise, go for a walk, or spend time outdoors. It all matters.

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