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Love Potions and Essential Oils for Emotional Health

SNHpodsqEmotional health deeply effects the heart, one of the most vital organs in the body. Yet, heart health, in general, may be misunderstood. As medicine tries to “fix” heart issues, we can take a closer look at the emotional state of one’s being and know that our emotions, thoughts, perceptions, and responses can override physical health – either in a positive or negative way.

Essential oils have long been known to work with emotions and memories stored in our cells. Specific scents can call to mind experiences that can be physically felt – joy, relaxation, and calm, and even excitement, inspiration, and openness. Essential oils, the “life blood” of plants in their purist form, can facilitate emotional changes that you can personally use to promote your own health and healing.

The following information is inspired by using a book I like as a resource, The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils by Kurt Schnaubelt. Specific parts of plants carry specific energies. Here are a few examples. (note – oils in italics are in the Premier Starter Kit – see below)healing intelligence of essential oils

Grounding Oils:

Roots & wood – vetiver, ginger, cypress, sandalwood, spruce, frankincense*

Uplifting Oils:

Flowers & Citrus – jasmine, rose, ylang ylang, geranium, bergamot, lemon*, orange, grapefruit, peppermint*

Calming Oils:

Leaves & whole plant – Lavender*, thyme, sage, cypress, cedarwood, myrrh, chamomile, copaiba*

The following essential oil blends come from Young Living. Since I use these essential oils to help support spiritual healing and personal well being, you may also like to use them with the same idea in mind. Remember, we’re not looking to “fix” a medical issue. Instead, we’re looking at ways to support the energetic feel of personal healing through emotional health.

Essential Oil Blends:

Protection & grounding –

White Angelica, Valor, Live Your Passion

Divine Feminine & Balance –

Harmony, Lady Sclereol, Joy, Sensation, Inner Child, Endoflex

Deep Healing –

SARA, Release, Trauma Life, Tranquil

Premier Starter Kit

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The Personal Consultation For Your Animal’s Health

special needs dogs335Many people have been asking me about using essential oils for their animals – especially frankincense essential oil for cancer. I’m very happy to help with personal consultations, and to talk to you about how essential oils can be safely used for animals.

What’s involved in a personal consultation for your animal?

Listening to your needs and finding out if we’re a fit for working together is my primary goal. I know it may be an emotional time for you, so I want to be clear on all aspects of your animal’s situation, including everything from diet to environment, medical history, and current diagnosis. Since the help and guidance I offer in my sessions is non-medical, I encourage you to continue to work with your vet.

I also know that you’re looking for hope, “alternatives”, and perhaps complementary methods of dealing with your animal’s health issues. There are many valuable resources, and a lot of conflicting information. It can be confusing and overwhelming. Know that I do not compromise on the products I’ve chosen to use and offer my clients. For example, I would never talk about a product I haven’t personally used with great results. I’ve spent years selecting products and methods that work together and cause no harm when used properly with guidelines.

Many of the products and resources I use are always available on my website or in my book, Heal Together – Natural Health Solutions for Animals and Their Humans. However, I do not recommend ordering substitutes which may or may not be effective – or may be harmful to your animal. You’ll also want to have personal guidance on how to use each product for your particular situation. That is one of my specialties – an intuitive assessment to help guide the way you choose to proceed.

I also have many tools available that help complement the healing process such as Reiki, tuning forks, crystals, and animal communication. If you choose to work with me after your consultation, these may be a part of a holistic protocol we discuss.

Find out what natural healing might look like for you and your beloved furry family member. I’ve put together several healing packages that includes Reiki and animal communication, along with guidance through the entire process. Learn more about Animal Healing and Soul Connections.

The Healer’s Journal

MY JournalKeeping a journal may seem more like homework than a rewarding activity filled with enlightenment. However, here at Second Nature Healing, we ask that you institute a habit of writing daily – or at least a few times per week in your journal. Why? What are the benefits? Where do you start? The benefits will reveal themselves the more you write. Looking back after a few months of notes will show you that more is happening than you thought!

Here are a few guidelines to help you on your journey of discovery and illumination.

What to write:

  • Record memories of your dreams as you awaken.
  • Jot down coincidences throughout the day. Were you thinking of someone, and then they called you?
  • Did you find a relevant crystal or stone? Meditate with it, and record your feelings and inspirations.
  • Affirmations make great journal entries. Begin your affirmation with “I am . . . “
  • Did you notice something new – something that you weren’t aware of before? Perhaps a new place to visit, a new food or recipe, or a new exercise caught your eye. Pay attention to the “road signs” and write them down in your journal.
  • Did you recently implement a new lesson or tool? What did you notice?
  • Did you take a class? What were your experiences?
  • Are you using visualization as a technique to manifest what you want? How’d it go? make some notes.

When to write:

  • That one is easy. Give yourself opportunities to write when they fit into your day – before you fall asleep, when you wake up, lunch time, etc.
  • Keep an extra, smaller notebook handy so you can add notes as they happen. Add them to your journal later.

Draw, collect, assemble. There are really no rules about using your journal – just opportunities to notice. Create space in your life, and notice your growth as an illuminated healer.

Questions? Ask

I’m happy to hear from you!



The Healer’s Journey Clear, Cleanse, Clarity

The Healer’s Journey webinar learning series continues with tools for self-healing. How do you clear energies from yourself and your personal space? Is it possible to cleanse your aura, as cleanse your body of toxins? What “stuff” in your life brings you joy? How do you decide to let go of some things, and keep others?

These questions, and more, are addressed in The Healer’s Journey #9 – Clear, Cleanse, Clarity.

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Healer’s Journey Lessons for the Soul

You’re already seeing signs that you’re a healer. You have a sense of your gifts, talents, and abilities. Our life journey provides many opportunities to learn and grow. What are the lessons our souls learn? Learn how to take full advantage of these lessons for the soul.

Watch The Healer’s Journey Webinar 8 – Lessons for the Soul

Sound Healing with 528

How can you best support the concept of wholeness? Perhaps the answer is found in sound frequency. Science shows that the frequency of 528 Hz resonates with the body’s ability to heal itself, helping to repair DNA. You may also like the idea that 528 Hz is the vibration that brings balance to the heart. This Solfeggio frequency is a key component to helping release negative energies while bringing in new, positive vibrations.

How to use 528

One of the best ways to begin to use the 528 Solfeggio frequency is to tap the fork lightly to a clear quartz crystal. Hold the vibrating tuning fork close to the heart with the intention of release. You might say the affirmation, “I release all that no longer serves me.”Repeat this activity until you begin to feel an energetic release.

Next, hold the intention of positive energies of love while once again tapping the 528 tuning fork lightly on your clear quartz crystal. Hold the fork near the heart. Try saying the affirmation, “I bring in new vibrations for my greatest and highest good.” Repeat as often as you like.

The Beauty of 528

While listening to 528 Hz in this short exercise, you’re not only able to work in the moment. The sound, vibrations, and affirmations stay with you long after the exercise is complete. Close your eyes. Remember the sound. Recall the feelings of release and renewal.

Visible Sound

We’ve seen the effects of sound in our dimension, but we may not think much of it. Can a specific note, perhaps from a trained opera singer, shatter glass? Can soothing music relax tension in your muscles and change your expression? These are examples of the effects of sound on physical things. Using the “right”, harmonious vibrations can manifest well-being in our physical bodies. Have a look at the video at the end of this article.

Your Personal Tuners

When you attend our workshop, Your Aura Has a Body, you’ll be using a Personal Tuner Kit. These kits are available for sale at the time of the workshop, if you choose to take one home with you.

Human Evolution Toward Enlightenment

Enlightenment conjures images of glowing from within, a sense of knowing and seeing “beyond the veil”, and feeling that “Ah-ha” moment, well, every moment! However enlightenment is part of the Healer’s Journey – a path we all walk as we grow spiritually on the free-will planet we call Earth.

In this beautiful artwork by Adrian Salamandre, we can visualize Human Evolution as a journey through time. From the beginning of human existence there have always been choices. Yet, ancestral experiences on the arduous path along the serpent come through as war, toil, pain, and suffering. Humans evolution_by_adriansalamandre-d2bodktchose the hard way. We have proven we’re tough – that we can endure – but at great cost. Conflict, suffering, war, and pain can stick energetically to our souls – the wispy part of our vibration that is part of God.

Learning, healing, progressing, and becoming enlightened serve us on our journey and serve the ultimate gift of becoming more than with what we started. We have chosen to grow, to evolve, to help, and to lead. We’re “getting there”!

We’re at an interesting point now in human spiritual evolution. We can choose to transcend suffering, pain, war, and even our personal limitations. Limitations turn out to be choices, after all. Suffering, pain, conflict, and disease are all choices. Enlightenment is also a choice.

How do we shift our journey from the difficult, long path of human evolution to the speedy one of becoming an enlightened being? The path requires skills, knowledge, commitment, and practice. Tools of working with guides and masters, the spiritual beings in physical form who have supported us through the ages are right here. They always have been here! We see them as crystals, plants (and essential oils), animals, and the elements of water, fire, earth, and wind. We know them intimately in our meditations and in our dreams. We speak their energies through our words, and act their blessings through our practices as healers.

The Healer’s Journey involves awareness, practice, persistence, and compassion. By becoming more, we provide the light for others to follow – it’s their choice, after all. Prepare to become more luminous. Learn self-healing techniques. Use energy tools. Join us for Reiki classes at our healing center. We’re excited to be with you on your journey.