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Second Nature Healing Newsletter October 2016

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Fall has always been my favorite time of year – maybe because I grew up in New Hampshire, perhaps one of the best places in the world to view Fall foliage. Yet, the season feels like more than that – bigger, savory, transitional, and abundant.
I’m passing along ABUNDANCE to you as we step into the season of harvest, and sending blessings for prosperity, healing, and all you desire. Be sure to take advantage of these Fall offers during October to nourish body, mind, and soul. 
Many blessings,

Savings on Self Care

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 When colder weather comes, you take steps to stay warm. You know what your body needs. Click here to read my article “Recipes of Self Care”.
How about your emotions and YOUR SOUL?
This is where a little TLC from an Integrative Healing Session feels just right. It’s time to schedule your next appointment. I’ve set aside special days just for you in October and November to take advantage of extra savings.
Book one session – save 10%
Book two sessions – save 20% *
*multiple sessions are for a single individual, to be paid for in October 2016, and used before November 30, 2016

NEW – Private Mentoring
private mentoring for advanced Reiki classes



Sometimes your schedule doesn’t work with our class schedule. Yet, you’re ready to take the next step. We now offer Private Mentoring for our Advanced Reiki Classes – like Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki® Master, and more.
Ask us for details. We’d love to support you along your journey.

Usui Reiki Training

Super Savings Pricing!
Since our Usui Reiki I
& II classes are focused on Reiki training, they reflect our Super Savings prices.
Just starting? Newly interested? Need to re-take and refresh?
Ready for the next level?
Our basic Usui Reiki training focuses on technique, intuition, and practice.
We like to say that you’ll
develop Effortless Spiritual Awareness.
ANYONE can take Reiki I.
If you’re ready for Reiki II, please provide a valid certificate if you were attuned by someone other than us.
Join us October 8 & 9 for Usui Reiki attunement and training I & II

FREE Essential Oils






Are you taking advantage of FREE gifts from Young Living? October brings specials like Lavender, Clove, and Palo Santo essential oils.  
Lavender – great for skin, relaxation, soothing and calming.
Clove – this refreshing scent cleans the air. Diffuse when germs are a concern, or clean your kitchen with clove.
– a very special essential oil I like to use for cleaning negative energies, and feeling more grounded.
Click here to see all of the FREE essential oils for October when you take part in the Essential Rewards program.
Click the image to view the entire catalog.
Not a wholesale member yet? You can easily set up a wholesale account with Young Living by purchasing a Premium Starter kit.
Need help ordering? Just ask.



Recipe for Self Care

Recipe for Self CareWho loves recipes? Especially now, when alternative care can be a DIY (do it yourself) activity, recipes for self care help keep you going.

Here are a few basics to get you started:

Recipe for Morning Self Care

  • 3 Deep Breaths  ~ add your favorite essential oil for grounding, like vetiver or frankincense.
  • 1 Tall Glass of Water ~ be sure to hydrate with filtered water. Add your favorite citrus essential oil, like lemon or orange directly to your glass, then pour in the water. Ahhh!
  • Gently stretch your arms and legs, wiggle your toes, and tilt your head to bring oxygen into sleepy muscles. Try massaging a soothing essential oil blend like PanAway to relieve any discomforts and allow a deeper stretch.

Recipe for Afternoon Self Care

  • Avoid the mid-afternoon munchies and help curb your appetite with essential oils like our Slique Essence blend. It has ocotea from the cinnamon family, known to help with blood sugar ratios.
  • Take a few minutes to step outside every hour. Not only does fresh air revitalize your energy, but it helps to bring more joy to your routine.
  • Feeling overwhelmed by stress? It’s important to actively detoxify your physical body as well as your environment. Try our liquid zeolite to remove heavy metals. Diffuse Stress Away essential oil blend to bring on a sense of calm.

Recipe for Evening Self Care

  • Choose foods that are nourishing without the added bulk of empty calories. Try green vegetables seasoned with any of our Vitality essential oils, like black pepper, oregano, or jade lemon.
  • Soak your feet in epsom salts to improve circulation and relaxation. Try mixing lavender essential oil to the salts before adding water. Then use lavender essential oil directly on your feet before bed for a restful sleep.
  • Make sure your room is dark, without added electronics nearby casting a glow. You need your dark sleep to replenish serotonin for energy the next day.

Newsletter September 2016

The Basic Principles of Health and Healing

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Hello {!firstname_fix}


I asked some friends recently what they thought the basics of health and healing might be. Their responses included good sleep, eating well, and movement . . . all sound responses – all tried and true. However, not everyone can achieve good sleep. Not everyone makes good choices for eating. It might not even be so
easy for people to move their bodies.
If this is the case, then we HAVE TO go deeper. We have to go to the core of health and healing – to the root, so to speak. Because of this, I decided to delve into the ways I see as core issues to assemble the Basic Principles of Health and Healing.
Be sure to click the images and links to read the news in which you’re interested. See our updated calendar to join us for classes, or schedule a rejuvenating healing
In Love & Light,






(print and bring with you)


Your feedback is appreciated!

Second Nature Healing specializes in holistic natural health solutions for animals and their humans.
We include products and services to support all aspects of healing:
— intuitive consultations
— wellness scans for individualized programs
— classes
— private healing sessions
— animal
If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please ask!







Frankincense for Dogs With Cancer

essential oils for animalsEssential oils have been an integral part of my Reiki healing clinic for several years. I consider their energy and aroma extremely valuable for all aspects of the services I provide – for trauma release, physical and emotional relief, spiritual enhancement, and revitalizing abilities, I love how essential oils fit into natural healing work. My clients and students feel supported, and the work we do seems to be more effective.

Not long after I began using essential oils for my human clients did I investigate the possibility and efficacy of essential oils for my animal clients. Careful consideration was given to the quality of essential oils, and I chose a specific company to support my work in the best possible way. It matters to the animals!

Great care must be taken not to make medical claims, so my research led me to specific studies involving human cancer since fewer studies with essential oils are done with animals. In one study, frankincense from Boswelia carteri was used for human bladder cancer to see if it would be effective as an anti-tumor agent. The results were quite promising.

“Frankincense oil appears to distinguish cancerous from normal bladder cells and suppress cancer cell viability. Microarray and bioinformatics analysis proposed multiple pathways that can be activated by frankincense oil to induce bladder cancer cell death. Frankincense oil might represent an alternative intravesical agent for bladder cancer treatment.” (1)

Frankincense for Dogs with Cancer

Backed by research and ready to offer support to my animal clients, dogs with cancer, I added frankincense essential oil from Boswelia carteri to my list of effective natural solutions. I have found that specific essential oils help with immune support, digestion, emotional support, and many other types of support for health and recovery.

There are several considerations to be made before using frankincense for your dog:

  1. age and size of your dog
  2. overall health and current diagnosis, if any
  3. current diet
  4. quality and purity of the frankincense (I use only the ones I trust to be the best)
  5. dosage and frequency specific for your animal
  6. combination with other treatments
  7. integration with other essential oils
  8. method of delivery
  9. your holistic approach and attitude

Click the link for more information and to Order Frankincense.

 Wellness Scan and Reiki

Work with your vet to have the support a veterinarian offers – lab tests, ultra sound, x-rays, etc. Gather as much information as possible. However, remember to also include a more complete aspect of healing with an intuitive assessment and Reiki. Learn more  about Animal Healing or contact me for a free consultation.

(1) Frankincense Oil Derived From Boswellia carteri Induces Tumor Cell Specific Cytotoxicity
Mark Barton Frank, Qing Yang, Jeanette Osban, Joseph T Azzarello, Marcia R Saban, Ricardo Saban, Richard A Ashley, Jan C Welter, Kar-Ming Fung, and Hsueh-Kung Lin





Newsletter August 2016

Article – The Root of Healing

Do you have questions? Call me! I can’t wait to hear from you.

Your Journey Begins Here

Our first series of Universal Shamanism is expanding.
Are you ready to experience these amazing workshops?
We have new classes on the calendar.
There’s still time to register!
Shamanic Apprentice Classes 1 & 2 – AUGUST 28
Shamanic Apprentice Classes 3 & 4 – SEPTEMBER 11
Shamanic Apprentice 5 – SEPTEMBER 24
click the links to learn more
(Note, no Reiki circle after Sacred Ceremony on September 24.)
Reiki circle starts at 3:15 on both class days, August 28 and September 11. RSVP
Free Reiki Circle for students as a part of their Reiki class initiations.
Guests $20.
Reiki II Integrative Enrichment class, AUGUST
Reiki I Integrative Enrichment class Saturday, SEPTEMBER 10
Article – Grounding to Heal
Remember how it feels to be secure, grounded and protected? Maybe this is a feeling you
have every day . . . or not.
 If you can recall this feeling, you are “grounded”. But in today’s world, when things are more hectic, and we seem to be more attached to electronic devices, it may be more difficult to feel grounded. Why is grounding important? Read more about Grounding to Heal.When you’re working with essential oils and want to add the intention of becoming more grounded, look to
the oils that actually come from the roots of the plant! That’s right, roots can help you become grounded. Pictured above is ginger root that I have resting in purified, living water. I’ll keep you posted on any sprouts that develop!
 I’ve selected a couple of essential oils that can help you feel more grounded. One is a root – ginger root. The other is a blend called Grounding.


Ginger root is widely used in flavoring foods and beverages, and is great in tea to aid in digestion. Did you also know that it has a warm feel to the skin? Try ginger
essential oil added to a carrier oil for massage – especially on sore muscles and joints.
Inhale deeply and feel revitalized.
Meditate with ginger essential oil to help feel more grounded.


Grounding essential oil blend is a wonderful way to utilize the energy of roots, flowers and bark to help you feel more grounded. With trees like fir, spruce, pine and cedar,
you’ll instantly feel connected to the forest. The sweetness of a few flowers helps remind you of the joy in life.

refer a frien


Animal Healing Stories
animal healing and soul connections


No one likes a serious diagnosis, and sometimes what you need to bring about healing isn’t in the vet’s toolkit.
Such was the case with a Golden Retriever with severe allergies, hair loss, ear infections, and misery. Antibiotics and medications weren’t working. What did work was his human mom’s commitment to natural healing. Once she started on the path we recommended, his recovery was almost instantly noticeable – no more itching, rolling, anxiety, or fur loss. Infections cleared up and healed over in a few days. His mom understands the value of
natural healing and is a true believer!
Find out what natural healing might look like for you and your beloved furry family member. I’ve put together a healing package that includes Reiki and animal communication, along with guidance through the entire process. Learn more about Animal Healing and Soul Connections.
Free Consultation
Call me for a free consultation to see if a series of Integrative Healing sessions, private mentoring, and follow-up is part of your path.





Grounding to Heal

Remember how it feels to be secure, grounded and protected?
Maybe this is a feeling you have every day . . . or not.

If you can recall this feeling, you are “grounded”. But in today’s world, when things are more hectic, and we seem to be more attached to electronic devices, it may be more difficult to feel grounded.

Why is Grounding Important?

Grounding is the foundation on which you build your energetic house. It helps you feel like you can make decisions easily. Fear and doubt melt away as you become more comfortable with yourself – how you look and feel. You feel like you have more clarity, sense of purpose, optimism, and joy. Financial security and a sense of having “enough” are traits of a grounded person. Home and hearth are centered around feeling grounded. If you see yourself with these positive attributes, congratulations! Staying grounded will continue to work in your favor in all aspects of living.

How to Become More Grounded

1. The fastest, easiest way to become more grounded is to walk barefoot on the earth, lay on the earth, be outside, dig in the earth (gardening, perhaps), and connect with the earth in any way that feels comfortable. Oceans, waterfalls, mountains, and trees all feel so far away from our reality. Yet, they share something with us that we sometimes forget . . . we’re all made of the same stuff – the same molecules found in everything.

2. If going outside seems impossible, bring the outside in. Plants, crystals, beautiful images of the outdoors, water fountains, and earth-tone interior colors added to your indoor environment are great ways to become grounded.

3. Eat foods of the earth. Root vegetables, fruits and vegetables in season, dark, leafy greens, dark chocolate, minerals, and wholesome soups and stews are grounding foods.

4. Certain essential oils offer balance to the root chakra – the energy center for grounding. Select essential oils derived from roots, such as vetiver, ginger, and mugwort. Essential oils derived from bark such as cinnamon, pine, cedar, and spruce are also grounding.

5. Wearing grounding colors such as reds, browns, and deep earth tones also feel grounding.

For more help with grounding, or healing on any level, professional, guided healing sessions may be just what you need. Learn more about Spiritual Energy Healing here and schedule an appointment.


The Root of Healing

Have you thought about the root of healing? Just as dis-ease has a root cause, so does healing have a root – one that penetrates deeply into earth energy, stimulating the core vibration of healing.

Long ago, before medical doctors and modern medicine, synthetic drugs, and the “sickness” industry, there was a natural way to be well. This natural way connected us to our mother – Mother Earth – in such a way that relied more on an understanding of vibrations, rhythms, cycles, and harmony. People ate what was in season, harvested or grown without chemicals. They also offered daily gratitude and blessings for their abundance, paying attention to ways to replenish what was taken from the earth to ensure a return of abundance. IT ALL MATTERS. Whether we’re talking about health and healing, or a way to live with a smaller footprint on the planet, we can embrace the ideas known as Shamanism.

What is Shamanism?

Old texts and tradition in the study of Shamanism focus on an initiation of suffering. The path of suffering is very personal. Whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, suffering may lead people  further into the depths of despair and disease – arthritis, heart disease, pain, skin rashes, autoimmune diseases, and even cancer may come about as a result of suffering. Those who choose to work through their suffering may discover the root of healing – an opportunity to change their perspective, or overcome their pain.

Universal Shamanism is a practice that can easily become incorporated into any lifestyle. It’s not a religion, and doesn’t conflict with religious beliefs. I like to think of it as a return to nature, and to the root of healing. Shamanism includes a relationship with nature, an awareness of subtleties in the physical body, a connection to Spirit, and a willingness to let go.

The Root of Healing

When dis-ease appears in our lives, we may tend to focus all our thoughts and energies on “fixing” the problem. You might say it’s a cultural phenomenon promoted through the development and strong influences of the pharmaceutical industry. An ointment, drug, surgical removal, or invasive treatment seems to be what’s on the list for dealing with sickness. However, true healing – the root of healing – comes from deep within the core of one’s self. It feels grounding, and choices to become well, and to thrive with vitality, are not based on fear, but rather on feeling empowered and in alignment with nature.

Our Shamanic Apprentice program helps deepen one’s awareness of self – becoming more present in one’s physical body. In fact, the first series of workshops is completely focused on Personal Energy.

Learn more about Shamanism and join us for our Shamanic Apprentice program. We include practices and exercises to improve your relationship with yourself, with nature, and with Spirit. The first series culminates in a community gathering around the Autumnal Equinox. Register for the entire series so you’ll be included in the journey.

Rosemary Levesque, D.D.Questions?

Contact Rosemary






The Basic Principles of Health and Healing

The Basic Principles of Health and HealingIt started as a bump, an agonizingly itchy “bug bite” on my neck that didn’t go away. By the next morning, there were a few more bumps with redness spreading from each epicenter, erupting and spreading across my chest. Shifting into action for bug bite relief, I brought out several essential oils and lotions, aloe vera gel, and pastes that I hoped would provide relief. Some remedies reacted violently with my skin, and burned sensitive tissue. Worse than any sunburn or insect bite I could remember, I sought other possible solutions. I alternated applying wet green tea bags with a paste made from finely ground bentonite clay to experience temporary calming and cooling.

Though my physical body struggled with never-before-experienced symptoms of skin disease, my mind sought spiritual reasons for what felt like more than an inconvenience. The irritating rash continued to spread further down my sternum, then branched out to the sensitive skin under both arms. “How dare it”, I thought. I was more than annoyed, and agonized over the discomfort I felt as I tossed and turned in my sleep. My annoyance came from knowing that, in spite of my knowledge of wellness and human physiology, as well as access to the best holistic wellness supplements, essential oils, oral chelators for heavy metal detox, and intuitive awareness, I had this disease problem. The more I agonized, the itchier and redder it became. My mind continued to focus on the dis-ease, forgetting basic principles of good health.

Disease is a Sign

I’m a healthy person. I didn’t get healthy by mistake, but rather through awareness and action. But something was obviously “off” with my health.  When symptoms of dis-ease arise – in me or in anyone – my first look always includes an assessment of what I call The Big Three You Can’t Ignore. (You can download this free e-book   with subscription to my newsletter.)

  • Stress – Emotional challenges build up and create chemical imbalances in the body, as well as communication difficulties between cells. Chronic stress without relief can result in diseases such as depression, arthritis, eating disorders, and many more manifestations (like skin disease), and even cancer.
  • Toxins – Heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic, aluminum, as well as other toxins like pesticides, flame retardants, synthetic chemicals and pollutants, interfere with every biochemical function in the body. Furthermore, you become a magnet for radiation (all around us) and electromagnetic frequencies due, in part, to heavy metal toxicity.
  • Poor Nutrition – The more processed our foods become, the less nutritional and energetic value they provide. Canned, packaged, and synthesized “foods” are energetically dead, whereas raw, fresh, whole foods provide a life force to our internal life force. Our bodies recognize and assimilate natural foods that harmonize with our biological needs. Eating highly processed foods can become an easy habit, especially if they’re laced with salts and sugars, addictive ingredients that leave us wanting more.

Unchecked, minor disease symptoms can be an indicator of more serious diseases on the way. My goal was not to cure the rash, but rather reach the core issue – the cause of the rash. I saw my skin disease as an opportunity to heal not only my current physical state, but my future self (and perhaps even my soul.)

Had I become complacent with my diet and my personal energy? Was there deeper healing, unexplained by the usual causes, that needed to be addressed? Could my skin disease be the activator – an element of suffering – that I had to face in order to heal something not yet revealed? I sought answers through meditation, Reiki, and Spiritual consultations with my intuitive guides.

The Basic Principles of Health and Healing

The good news is that once I tuned-in to Greater Wisdom, my skin began to clear up – almost overnight. I understood that what I manifested as skin disease was a wake-up call to heal aspects of myself that would have remained hidden, perhaps brewing and spreading to a greater degree than I was currently experiencing.

It’s through compassion and continued learning I offer these basic principles of health and healing as tools for reaching beyond the obvious. My list may touch upon the unusual and extraordinary solutions – ones that may not have occurred to you or have not been utilized before. I encourage you to not over-think them, but rather “feel” them. Try writing in a journal to capture your experiences and dreams.

You get what you ask for. What you want is already on its way to you. This one might be the hardest to accept. How can anyone “ask for” disease? Yet, I believe disease comes partially as an opportunity to heal, grow, and learn.

What you choose to keep stays. What you choose to release goes. Are you holding onto grudges, anger, clutter and confusion, regret, sadness, and blame? It may be time to let them go.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” ~ Albert Einstein. Treating disease with drugs and medication have become the accepted, conventional way to attempt to heal. These modalities don’t address the root cause and may, in fact, lead to more complications and symptoms.

Make choices that fall into alignment with nature. That might mean you spend more time outside, eat organic, unprocessed foods, or start an exercise program. Your body, mind, and spirit will let you know through Joy that you’re in alignment. If you continue to remain out of alignment, you’ll feel the consequences with your health.

Take advantage of True Joy. It’s your guiding compass to overcome suffering. We were gifted with the ability to feel Joy, to recognize our connection to Spirit. When we move away from Joy, and from recognizing Joy in our lives, we move away from wholeness – a beautiful way to experience health and well being.

 A Little Help

Even healers sometimes need healing. I’m an advocate of self-care. I like to get a massage, acupuncture, or Reiki session whenever I can. In between times, I use essential oils, go to Yoga class, meditate, and choose nutritious foods to eat. In addition, I learned that the deodorant I was using irritated and burned my skin, so I blended a few essential oils with almond oil that works fine, without irritation. Also, I discovered that certain foods high in sugar made the rash worse. Finally, getting back onto the elliptical machine, or using a chi machine feels rejuvenating.

If you could use a little help, let’s talk. I can help put together a protocol for you that addresses your healing on all levels. Schedule an appointment package of three Integrative Reiki Healing sessions, and stick with a plan that supports you on your healing journey.

Contact Rosemary to schedule an appointment.




Are You Wishing . . . Or Believing?



What are your beliefs?


     A few weeks ago, I decided to pick up the chapters of my original book idea – a book that I had started to write nearly three years ago! Back then, I was enthusiastic about writing this book, but had great difficulty getting into words what I really wanted to say to the world. I had a narrow focus, and it felt to me like the chapters I had written were
lacking something important . . . something real about Life.

     So, I put the book down and was compelled instead to write my first book, the one I published last September, called Heal Together, Natural Health Solutions for Animals and Their Humans. (If you haven’t read it yet, I invite you to purchase it through my website or on Amazon. . . or enter my summer contest and win a free copy!) It’s a valuable book, a real do-it-yourself guide for animal lovers, especially ones whose animals are fighting cancer.

     Now I’m back on track, writing new chapters for my original book, and surprising myself with some of the chapters emerging into print – chapters about emotions, epigenetics, vibrational healing, and Belief.

     You might be asking what ideas are in this chapter on Belief. What I love most is that I can
finally find the words to express the perfect mixture of science and spirituality. I get to express my authentic self to the world – my beliefs that health most assuredly depends upon many factors, not the least of which is what you believe to be true . . . instead of what you wish to be true.

     I’d love to know about your experiences with Belief. Do
you have a story to share?

Do you have questions? Call me! I can’t wait to hear from you.

don’t forget to enter our summer contest. Scroll down to see the details!
Here’s something to help you Believe
Believe essential oil


Believe™ essential oil blend has been reformulated with Idaho blue spruce and ylang ylang from the Young Living farm in Ecuador and has a pleasing aroma that is both grounding and invigorating. This blend contains Idaho Balsam Fir and Frankincense essential oils that may encourage feelings of strength and faith. With other complementary oils, the combination in this blend may help assist as you move to a higher level of awareness. As you are able to move past
emotional setbacks and barriers, you will be able to reach your true, unlimited potential. Primary Benefits: *Encourages clarity and enlightening thoughts* *Brings a sense of peace and awareness and is spiritually grounding* *Promotes relaxation and confidence* click for price and complete ingredients
I love how the vibration of essential oils can help us feel more connected, balanced, joyful, and vibrant. Try using Believe during meditation, before sleep, or after a stressful day. One drop applied to the back of the neck, the bottom of the feet, or just
inhaled deeply before you start your day helps set your intentions.
Let me know how you like Believe essential oil blend.


Special Event – Sacred Solstice
Portland Reiki Healing Center

Come experience a community of healers, tap into Divine Wisdom, and enjoy the company of other seekers. I’ll be there as a featured healer.
SUNDAY JUNE 26, 2-7 p.m.
White Oak Retreat Center: 11672 NW Permian Dr
Contact Rosemary
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June Special Offer – Final Days!
Refer a Friend – Receive a Gift
We love to support you as a student and as a client. In June, you each receive a $25 gift certificate toward any Integrative Reiki class or full Integrative Healing Session when:
– you refer a friend who either takes a class
or has a session in June
– you also attend a class or schedule a session in June
We’ve made a few adjustments based on
changing schedules. Join us for the next class. Explore the mysteries of Shamanic Reiki. Enhance your life!


Confused about our curriculum? – Just Ask!
With so many options, it may seem difficult to know where – and when – to start.
We love your questions and honor your personal path. Did you know that we offer more than traditional Reiki classes? Our students are excited to know that we integrate workshops into our Reiki classes to expand and enhance your experience . . . you can learn about crystals, essential oils, and Shamanic practices that help you know more how to BE in the
We’re here for you. We can map out a program that’s right for you. Call us! My daughter, Michelle, and I are waiting to hear from you.
Call for a free consultation about your individual and very special path.
Attention Animal Lovers – Summer Contest


How do animals help us heal? Do you have a story to share?
Recently I shared a few
videos of how animals help us heal. Check out the story here.
You can share your story, too. Just email me your 1-3 minute video that tells your personal story. Be sure to
include your animal in the video by either actual video or images. All winners will be featured on my website. No videos that are already published may be accepted.
You’ll also win:
Second Nature Healing reserves the right to use submitted videos to promote and share how animals help us heal. There is no monitory value exchanged for the videos as all are deemed “priceless”.
Contest ends September 30,
2016. You may enter as often as you like. . . but only one winner per family.
Submit your entries to
Questions? Just ask!








Detox – Heal – Let Go

June 2016 Newsletter

     Are you always the one to get sick at the first sign of cold season? Do allergies plague your summer days? Is there something slowing you down, taking your energy? If so, you may want to assess your emotional immune system, and find out what illness, allergies, and lack of energy have in common.

     You may discover that the symptoms you’re experiencing have much to do with toxins (heavy metals,
especially) and toxic emotions. These effect your emotional immune system. There’s a lot you can do to begin the process of detox, healing, and letting go.

Where do you start when it comes to letting go? Read my article, Your Emotional Immune System.

Also, have a look at the 2 products I feature in this newsletter (see below) to find out how you can Detox and Heal.

Do you have questions? Call me! I can’t wait to hear from you.

The Best Detox
zeolite for detox



Lead in school drinking water, pesticides everywhere, lead and cadmium in the air . . . You read it in the news and you wonder how these toxins effect you and your family.
Toxins effect every system in the body, interfering with nerve and muscle function, hormones, brain activity, oxygen absorption, and nutrient absorption . . . to name a few. It’s in your best interest to take steps now to detoxify – actively, consistently, and continuously.

This one product may be your best friend for a
safe and effective detox that you can do yourself. A few drops, taken orally a few times per day may be all you need to help maintain good health.

Learn more about NCD zeolite here.

Here’s something to help you Heal
SARA essential oil



SARA™ is an empowering blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils designed to help soothe deep emotional wounds. It may help individuals release and begin recovery from the
traumatic memory of sexual or ritual torment and other forms of physical or emotional abuse.

Click here for ingredients and price.

I love how the vibration of essential oils can
help us feel more connected, balanced, joyful, and vibrant. SARA
is a blend I select for my clients who are holding onto emotional trauma. I see how they relax immediately and allow the process of healing to begin.

Try using SARA during meditation, before sleep, or after a stressful day. One drop applied to the back of the neck, the bottom of the feet, or just inhaled deeply before you start your day helps set your intentions.

Let me know how you like SARA essential oil blend.




New – Multi-session Packages for Transformation and Healing
Transformation packages



      You’ve recently become aware that there’s something more to life and the path you’ve been following. You’d like clarity and guidance that will
help reveal your true potential. Perhaps you’ve experienced trauma and stress that seems to be holding on, and you’re ready now to release it.

      Working with me provides you with the Intuitive Wisdom from your spiritual guides. You’ll love the one-on-one mentoring that comes with experience, compassion, and a true connection to

Transformation is a process – a journey that can be experienced with guidance all along the way.

Call me for a free consultation to see if a series of Integrative Healing sessions, private mentoring, and follow-up is part of your path.

Learn more about Transformation and Healing Packages

Schedule an Appointment

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Excited about our curriculum? – We are, too!



Register Now for Class 

We’ve made a few adjustments based on changing schedules. Join us for the next class. Explore the mysteries of Shamanic Reiki. Enhance your life!
There’s still time to register!
Reiki I Integrative Enrichment class this Saturday, July 9

Did you know that we offer more than traditional Reiki classes? Our students are excited to know that
we integrate workshops into our Reiki classes to expand and enhance your experience . . . you can learn about crystals, essential oils, and Shamanic practices that help you know more how to BE in the world. 


We’re here for you. We can map out a program that’s right for you. Call us! My daughter, Michelle, and I are waiting to hear from you.


Call for a free consultation about your individual and very special path.

A Community of Healing



Come experience a community of healers, tap into Divine Wisdom, and enjoy the company of
other seekers. I’ll be there as a featured healer.
SUNDAY JULY 24, 2-7 p.m.
Muse Den: 2926 NE Flanders (Red door on left side of building
Find it on Facebook –
Gem Faire this weekend at the
Portland Convention Center