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Rosemary Levesque is a Reiki Master and Shaman. Her training and experience in Spiritual Energy Healing includes Usui/Tibetan Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Universal Shamanism, and Sound Healing. As a holistic health consultant & independent nutrition researcher, Rosemary offers her unique, intuitive abilities working with animals and natural health alternatives for people and their pets.


"I'm grateful to have found Rosemary as we have many interests in common and as a result of her friendship and guidance I traveled some new roads I might never have found.
So, if you're considering asking Rosemary for Reiki and/or counsel of any kind, I can highly recommend her without one single reservation!" Barb Ralston, Tigard, OR


Rosemary LevesqueRosemary specializes in an integrative approach to health and healing.

  • - Spiritual Energy Healing with Reiki and Shamanic practices
  • - Soul retrieval, extraction, and ancestral healing

- Heavy metal detox
- Nutritional Supplements

  • - Essential oils
  • - Solfeggio sound healing


Rosemary is passionate about helping people and animals to heal naturally, encompassing physical, emotional and spiritual well being..





There is a great need for alternatives - choices people want for managing their own health and healing. There's also a deep request for feeling hopeful, empowered, and in alignment with "good" choices that do no harm. Years of working with clients and students have brought about this work of love - a valuable tool that can be used as a foundation for health and healing.


Heal Together, Natural Health Solutions

for Animals and Their Humans 


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Rosemary studied Biological Sciences, Secondary Education and Art at the University of New Hampshire. She later continued postgraduate work to further her studies in Biology. Her scientific approach to health and natural healing includes not only years of independent research, but also personal experience in her own family as well as helping others achieve their health goals.


Rosemary Levesque and her motherRosemary became a Biology teacher in Manchester, NH after completing her degree at the University of New Hampshire. After several years, she married and moved to South Korea where she taught Biology, Life Sciences, various math courses and Elementary Science. Later, her move to Holland provided another opportunity to teach Biology, Health and math in The Hague. Finally, with her return to the United States, Rosemary continued teaching in Oregon until she started her family.






Reiki Master

Rosemary's attraction to Natural Sciences and Health might have logically lead her to pursue training in Reiki, the Japanese method of healing and relaxation. However, it was because of a personal family crisis that she sought natural healing alternatives when modern medicine offered no hope. Reiki was the right choice to complement other natural therapies for a successful cure


I practice Quantum Physics without having to be a Quantum Physicist. It's nice to know that someone can explain the science of the healing work I do. I don't have to know how it happens. I just trust that healing does happen. Now, during Spiritual Healing for my clients, Reiki facilitates the flow of energy and connection to Spirit. Messages from Source shine through. These intuitive insights help bring about healing on an even greater level.


Rosemary integrates her knowledge of science with her experience in teaching to offer Reiki, a natural healing modality, available to everyone who wants to learn.


I have seen and experienced the value of certain products and supplements that far outweigh anything else on the market. When the life of someone I loved dearly depended on me to make the right choice,   I'm glad I had specific products in my pocket. I didn't have to search, wasting precious time to find the right solutions. It is my fervent hope that I can reach the people who will make a difference for someone they love too, just by sharing these products. I can help.


Natural Healing should be Second Nature - an automatic response to any health need rather than a drastic reaction with possible serious consequences.


I love how the science of life works so well with the energy of life. With scientifically proven products we can remove heavy metals and many other toxins. Using super-food supplements we can enhance and repair cells at the DNA level. Essential oils add a new dimension to healing with greater ease. With Reiki we can remove and release emotional and spiritual barriers to good health and allow new, vibrant energies to flow in. It's a great combination- zeolite, super-food supplements (telomere support), essential oils, and Reiki for holistic healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.



Throughout the years of working with energy, animal guides, nature, and healing, Spirit manifests itself Within to remind us of the foundational practices of our ancestors. Today, Rosemary brings to life ancient wisdom for the modern world. She incorporates Shamanic practices in her healing sessions as well as her life's work to remind us how to BE in the world, to heal old wounds, and access the power within All That Is.


Help and Support for Healing Alternatives

Rosemary helps you with new ways to complement your natural healing process.
Whether you are hoping to feel better and have more energy, looking for anti-aging solutions and prevention or are currently facing a health crisis, Rosemary provides information, support and choices.





Rosemary Levesque

Author, Heal Together - Natural Health Solutions for Animals and Their Humans

Holistic Health Consultant
Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki® Master

Language of Light Master                                                                                                       
Portland, OR 97229
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Reiki Master, Shaman, Author

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